Junk Modelling

When I was thinking of a name for this blog I wanted one that meant something, something that said “this is us, this is what we do”, and the one thing my children LOVE doing is Junk Modelling. Really, the blog name should be 3 kids and a gluestick, a roll of sellotape, some googly eyes and several cardboard boxes, but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it I don’t think 😉

Anyway I’ve been blogging for 10 days now and in all that time they haven’t junk modelled once, probably because we’ve had so much else going on! But today I found Jasmine with the tell tale scissors, cereal boxes and googly eyes, asking for the sellotape! (We do actually keep the sellotape out of reach because our cheap dispenser is very temperamental and the cutting edge frequently falls off.)

She made an “Underwater Monster”. (The Monster is the wrong way round apparently as it should be looking down to swim, but when I explained that I wouldn’t be able to take a good photo of it looking down as we wouldn’t be able to see the eyes, she agreed that it was OK this way!)

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