A Crafty Afternoon

This morning the kids held a party for their plastic sharks, which basically meant this:












So this afternoon  (after I had spent 30 minutes tidying downstairs while they moved the party upstairs!) I thought we should do something a little more structured 😉

I dug around in the box I got from Yellow Moon last week and we did the Mosiac Pictures, which took lots of concentration and went down very well!

It was really interesting watching Thomas and Jasmine do these, and I love finding out the different ways they do things. Basically the Mosiac was a picture with numbered squares that they had to stick different coloured foam pads and gems on to. Jasmine did hers methodically, starting at number 1 and working though the numbers in order, looking at the guide to get the right colour, all the way to number 10. Thomas started with green because that is his favourite colour! He checked the guide to match the number to the colour he wanted to do!

The pictures turned out brilliantly so I think we’ll be looking for other things like this to do again.

Snowman Mosiac by Thomas

Christmas Tree Mosiac by Jasmine












We also started some sequin baubles that I got from Yellow Moon, but didn’t get them finished so we’ll come back to those in a couple of days.

I also want to share this, which is my work. I am doing each of the children a Door Plaque, and this is the first one completed. The name on the plaque is done in Glow in the Dark beads 🙂

Door Plaque

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