More Hama Beads

After my last post about Hama Beads, and discovering (thanks to a comment on that post by Merry from CraftsMerrily) that you can in fact get transparent boards for Midi Beads (like this one) I just had to order some!

They arrived a couple of days ago and yesterday we got them out to have a go with. I think the frames looked great and are really easy to use. Thomas tried one out and made a lovely fish using the frame and one of the provided images. Jasmine didn’t want to copy the image exactly but she did use the frame and picture to make a butterfly, just in her own colours! They also chose to make a star (Jasmine) and a flower (Thomas).











With my recent order I also got an Inspiration Book as I love looking through them to get ideas of stuff we can do! I saw a large Santa design that I thought looked really good, and when I was talking to Thomas about it he wanted to have a go. As we do now have 4 large square peg boards (the boards clip together to make one HUGE board!) I thought, why not! I knew I would end up doing it as the design was far to tricky for Thomas, but expected that he might help a little bit. He didn’t, and over 2 hours later I finished! I have to admit, I am quite impressed with the finished design 🙂


One thought on “More Hama Beads

  1. […] Hama Beads are certainly on our Christmas list, and if you are looking for last-minute presents there’s still time to order some here.  Suitable for children of all ages and the young at heart.  I’m not the only adult who would like to receive Hama beads for Christmas, am I?  No, I think I’m in good company. […]

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