5 Years Old Today

I can’t quite believe it but Thomas and Jasmine turned 5 today! I have done 5 years as a parent.. and not only that, but as a parent of multiples! I feel like a milestone has passed with this birthday. I remember someone telling me, when they were just tiny, that the first 5 years were the hardest .. until they went to school and then it got easier! Well, they don’t go to school but still I feel this milestone.

Jasmine asked me this morning if she could still be 4. She liked being 4 she said. I told her that maybe she should try, just for today, being 5 and see if she liked it. Of course, if she wanted to stay 4 that was fine, but it would mean no birthday presents 😉 She chose to be 5, just for today! I asked her at the end of the day what it as like and she had decided it was OK and she is happy to be 5!

Thomas showed me, within 5 minutes of getting out of bed this morning, how quick he can run now he is 5. He demonstrated this by running round his bedroom while telling me he is much, much quicker than when he was 4!

So there we have it. Two 5 year olds, happy to be 5!

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