Trip to Greenwich Observatory

Yesterday we went to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich with one of our lovely local Home Ed Groups.

We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time as Thomas and Jasmine both love anything to do with Space and Planets, and I imagine Ben will go the same way (he can’t not do really as he is surrounded by Space books and other resources in our house!).

Our first session of the day was a Moon Walking Workshop. This included an introduction to the planets and then a role play journey to the moon. Jasmine did really well with this and it is lovely to see her developing confidence and joining in. She even sat (with me) under the Parachute “rocket” on the return journey to Earth šŸ™‚ Thomas still struggles with this type of thing though and at one point got quite upset about the thought of “going to the moon”. He did enjoy the clips of a Rocket launch and the Apollo Moon Missions however!

After lunch we had a quick look around theĀ Weller Astronomy Galleries before our session in theĀ Planetarium. The show we saw follows Ted (a teddy bear) in his search for the Great Big Bear. Ted visits the Sun, the Moon and all 8 planets, before retuning to Earth and finding the Great Big Bear in the night sky.

I was slightly concerned about how this would go with all 3 children as Jasmine is currently scared of the dark, Thomas is very scared of the unknown and Ben .. well, he is only 2! There were a couple of “moments” where eyes were closed and hands were grasped a bit tighter but on the whole, they all did really well and I was so proud of them!

We ended the day with theĀ obligatoryĀ trip to the museum shop šŸ˜‰

We all had a really great day and, as usual, I came away feeling very lucky to have such a fantastic Home Ed community on my doorstep šŸ™‚

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One thought on “Trip to Greenwich Observatory

  1. Jane says:

    Been thinking about taking Rose there. I think she’d love it too.

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