Welcome Elf Pepper

This morning when we came downstairs the children were surprised to find a parcel for them in the living room:

A Parcel from the North Pole

A Christmas Elf had mysteriously been delivered while we all slept!

Welcome Elf Pepper Jollybells Winters 🙂

Elf Pepper Jollybells Winters

Elf Pepper arrived with his passport, an introductory letter, an Elf report card so we can report back to Father Christmas about his behaviour (because elves can be a bit naughty you know!), 3 behaviour charts for the children, and 3 chocolate coins to pay for his board.

Elf Pepper's paperwork

He also brought the children an advent calendar each 🙂

Jasmine took Elf Pepper to Gymnastics with her this morning and while they were gone the boys and I made him a bed (obviously he will need somewhere to sleep as he is staying with us until December 24th).

We used the box he arrived in and covered it with Christmas wrapping paper. The boys then used felt tip to decorate 2 pieces of fabric, one for a sleeping bag and one for a pillow. I sewed these up and Elf Pepper was quite happy 🙂

Elf Pepper's Bed

While we were out at a Christmas Fayre this afternoon Elf Pepper drew the children a picture and ate a piece of bread! I wonder what he will get up to tonight? As this is the first time we have been visited by a Christmas Elf, anything is possible 😉

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