Magnetic Construction & Playing With Ice

We awoke this morning to find our Christmas Elf, Pepper, was trying to make us pancakes for breakfast! Really all he had done was make a big mess in the kitchen, but nobody minded because we all love pancakes 😉

Pepper making pancakes


Magnetic Construction

At the Fayre yesterday we bought a large bag of magnetic construction bars and balls (mostly Geomag but some other brand was included). Thomas spent a lot of time playing with this today. He experimented with how much he could lift together before it got too heavy, he made several different shapes, he wandered round the room with one bar and found magnetic objects it would stick to, he talked about “repelling”  and “attracting” and lots more! It kept him occupied for ages!

Magnetic Construction



Both Thomas and Jasmine spent some time in the garden “helping” clear one our veg patches. Before they really began to help however they discovered some ice had formed in a wooden barrel we have lying around so they played with that instead!

Playing with Ice


Playing with Ice


Watching the ice melt


This evening we have set up an experiment outside to see if we can make more ice. We have 3 pots of water, one with only a little bit of water in, one with a lot of water in and one with a lot of water in and with a lid on. We are going to find out which, if any, freeze and which don’t. I suggested this experiment to them earlier today when it was really cold…. I’ve just been outside now and it is raining so this may not work 😉 Maybe I should have checked the weather report first!

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