A Day of Play with Elf Pepper

Today has been all about play. The kids have played with Lego, marble run, trains, cars, dinosaurs and much more. Most of their play was self chosen, however some was chosen by Elf Pepper!

Jasmine asked me to blow up the new dinosaur play mat this morning, then wandered off. Elf Pepper felt sorry for me as it takes a lot of blowing up, so he played with it on his own for a while until the kids reappeared and were amazed to find him there!  They then played with it happily… and my time and air was not wasted after all 😉

Dinosaur playAt one point Elf Pepper went missing and we had to search high and low for him.

Searching for Elf PepperWe found him safe and sound in the end, upstairs playing with the Lego!

Then just before dinner, Elf Pepepr thought it would be nice to have some cakes for pudding so he mixed cornflakes with melted chocolate and we all made Cornflake Cakes. Yum yum 🙂

Thomas making Cornflakes CakesJasmine making Cornflake Cakes


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