writing with a purpose

Thomas and Jasmine don’t write much. They don’t need to, they are only 5. I don’t push them either because I know they will do it when they are ready. I know this because already, when they do want to write, they will go and get a pencil and paper and just get on with it!

Today they both wanted to write.

Our Elf hid from us last night and wrote a note telling us where to find him! Thomas loves this sort of thing so, once we’d found Pepper hiding in a Duplo house, he went and got his pencil and paper and wrote another note.

(look for me) low(look for me) highLook in the house

(look for me) low
(look for me) high
Look in the house

Elf Pepper's note to us this morning










Jasmine had her turn this afternoon. She was cutting some patterned paper up and making a collage on the floor. It was “mountain everest” she said. (I frequently wonder where these things come from!!!?!?!)

"mountain everest"

“mountain everest”

Collage making









Then she wrote “Mount Everest” on a piece of paper and stuck it up on the wall! I did take a photo, but she wrote it on patterned paper and you really can’t see the writing 😦

Jasmine's writing

And there is my proof that I have nothing to worry about. Today they both found a “need” to write and they just got on with it. Every time they write they surprise me with how much better they have got since the last time. As long as they have a need to write, a purpose, they will write and they will improve, all by themselves, because they want to.

Just so I don’t leave Ben out, today he did some drawing and made a reindeer bead bracelet!

Reindeer Bracelet

Ben drawing

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4 thoughts on “writing with a purpose

  1. Truly wonderful – lucky kids having so much fun and an elf of their very own to top it off.

  2. Thank you! Tonight the elf is putting the Christmas Tree up ready for them to decorate in the morning! I love having the elf to stay .. I think he may come back next year 😉

  3. Gabi M says:

    You are so right Jo – I love what you are doing and I only wish more “grown-ups” who should know better had your attitude towards the three Rs… Gabi x

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