The Adventures of Elf Pepper – Week 2

Elf Pepper has been very busy, and very mischievous since my previous “adventures” blog post.

On Saturday 8th December he unravelled a ball of wool all over the dining room and then hid on top of the curtains!

Saturday 8th December

On Sunday 9th December he hid from us, but left a note to help us find him

Hiding in the house

Note from Elf Pepper

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                On Monday he sneaked upstairs and put all Jasmine’s pants in Thomas’ drawer and vice versa (No photos of this one!)

On Monday night he put the tree up for us so we could decorate it on Tuesday morning

Christmas Tree ready to decorate

On Tuesday he enjoyed a game of dominoes with some friends


On Wednesday he “decorated” the Christmas Tree with underwear!

Elf "decorated" Tree!

On Thursday he left us a great activity to do

Cotton Wool Snowman

On Friday he brought an Imaginext Advent Calender as a treat

A Present from Elf Pepper

Finally, on Saturday he had a quiet night and sat reading a book with a snack and a little friend

Elf Pepper having a quiet night

We currently have 2 poorly children here, so I have a feeling Elf Pepper will be having a quiet day or 2 now … but you never know 😉

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