Marzipan Christmas Treats

The lurgy has hit the household. Thomas has been poorly for a couple of days and it looks like Ben might be going the same way. Gordon had to stay overnight at work last night so needed to sleep today, so I needed an activity that would keep all 3 kids (both poorly and well!) occupied and reasonably quiet.

Out came the Marzipan and we made “Christmas sweets”.

We used one block of natural marzipan and red, blue and green food dye.

Marzipan ModellingJasmine got stuck straight in, making some very detailed models of snowmen and a present. The boys played with the marzipan for a bit until I suggested they should be making something Christmassy! Thomas wasn’t really too sure what to do but suddenly decided to make some Christmas Wreaths and then candy canes and Ben added some details on to a snowman and Christmas Tree that I had made for him.

Marzipan Wreath

Making a Marzipan Snowman











Marzipan Christmas Tree


and our finished “sweets”

Marzipan Christmas Treats

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