The Adventures of Elf Pepper – Week 3

Our Elf has had a fairly quiet week this week because 4 out of the 5 of us have been poorly. He has still been up to a little bit of mischief though, and brought us some good things to do to keep us occupied in our sick house!

On Sunday 16th December he rode round the house on Rudolph!

On Monday he made the kids a Christmas Card, and seems to have got himself covered in stickers!

Elf Pepper covered in stickers
On Tuesday he thought he’d have a go at Bungee-ing from the tinsel on one of the ceiling lights!

Bungee Elf!
On Wednesday 19th December Elf Pepper brought a letter from Santa for each of the children.

Letters from Santa
On Thursday I was very poorly and tucked up in bed at 8pm. Elf Pepper got the toy medicine kit out and was checking Teddy over to make sure he hadn’t joined in with the rest of the house and got a nasty bug, but he forgot to take a photo šŸ˜‰

On Friday he left us the ingredients and instructions on how to make Magic Reindeer Food

On Saturday I was poorly again and back in bed at 8pm. This time Elf Pepper made an amazing Duplo construction, complete with crane lift, to help him scale the Christmas Tree! He even remembered to take a photo šŸ™‚

Amazing Climbing Elf!


and finally, tonight Elf Pepper has set the little Christmas Tree up in the middle of the room with some of his friends and left presents as a Thank You for looking after him so well. He has also made a Memory Book for us (not quite finished as the printer ran out of ink!) and left out his Report card to remind us to fill it in!

Elf Peppers Leaving Gift

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