A Muddy Walk

We needed to get outdoors today. After all of us being ill before and during Christmas, and everything else that goes with this time of year we haven’t really been out, properly, for the best part of a month. It was starting to show! So we loaded up our sandwiches, snacks and wellies and went up to Box Hill.

I love Box Hill. Just 10 miles from us, it is a beautiful place to go for walks, picnics and to have loads of fun! We currently always walk the Natural Play Trail, although I keep telling the kids we’ll do the Stepping Stones Walk .. we just haven’t managed it yet! The Play Trail is a 2 miles circular walk with loads of things to explore and discover along the way. Today we mostly played with, discovered and explored mud and all things muddy! It was great!

Picnic timeMeasuring water depth!Balancing





Floating Leaf Boats

We spent 3 hours walking, playing, discovering, climbing, balancing, floating, jumping, collecting. The kids were shattered by the end of the trail (as were we!). We ended the day with hot chocolate, of course!

Enjoying his Hot Chocolate

Twin Hot Chocolate


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