A Trip to Hamleys

Today we went to Hamleys!

I knew we needed a day out,  but couldn’t decide what to do. I searched and searched the National Trust website but it seems on a Monday in January there is not much open 😦

After some thought we decided on a random trip into London! We’ve never taken the kids on the underground before, and with so much planned this year it seemed like a good time to introduce them to it!

Off to Morden we went to pick up the tube.

Thomas and Jasmine asked a lot of questions, “Why is it dark in the tunnel?”, “Where are the worms?”, “Why is it bumpy?”, “Is this our stop?” (asked at every station!). Ben sat quietly, very unsure. I don’t think it was what he’d had in mind when we said we were going on an underground train!

We got off at Oxford Circus and our first stop was lunch. Then we set of down Regents Street for Hamleys.

The kids were in heaven in Hamleys! A whole shop filled with every toy you could imagine! They spent a long time playing with the Radio Control Stunt Car (which has been added to the every growing toy wish list!) and the Hex Bugs. They watched the trains go round various tracks and Jasmine did some very cool neon light drawing! We let them choose one toy each to buy and, I have to say, we’ve come home with some pretty good bargains! Jasmine chose a lovely toy Tea Set in a pretty picnic basket, Thomas chose a Playmobil Speedboat and Ben got a Fire Station playset complete with loudspeaker! I’m not sure I like the idea of the kids having the loudspeaker but I think it could come in handy when I am calling them to the table for mealtimes 😉

I’d post a picture of their new things but they’ve all taken them upstairs to bed with them, so this is about the only good photo I got all day (I’m not great at photographing using my phone.) The blurry thing you see is the Stunt Car being driven, very fast, by Thomas.

On the toy wish list!


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