A Favourite Place

We all have our favourite places to go and this morning we went to one of ours.

Heritage Farm Nurseries is a wonderful, family friendly business based in Wallington, Surrey. They started out in December 2004 as a specialist marine centre. Through the years they have expanded and diversified and today a visit to Heritage means seeing not only marine fish but all types of fish, lizards, snakes, a caimen, a barn owl,  free roaming poultry,  and finally enjoying a delicious hot chocolate and cake in the Tropical Garden Cafe complete with huge dinosaur figures and a Thomas and Friends Model railway! Fish, reptiles, dinosaurs and Thomas the Tank Engine – you can see why my kids love it can’t you! In the summer months there is a large sandpit outside, which the kids will happily play in all day. For those rainy days there is an indoor play area full of toys. Oh, and just as a little extra, they also sell the live Daphnia that our pet Sticklebacks eat!

I love Heritage, the kids love Heritage.

Today there was lots of talk about the  large Triggerfish we saw in a tank with a big sign on saying “I can bite”

Clown Triggerfish

and lots of talk about the Bearded Dragons as usual!

Bearded Dragon Chat

However, today there was also lots of talk about why Heritage was closing. I’m not sure who was more upset about this sad news, me or the kids.

For the last 2 years the owner has been in negotiation with the council regarding a new lease for the premises. They are now threatened with eviction if they do not pay a 167% increase in their rent. They simply cannot do that. The last day of trading for the cafe is Sunday and the aquatics centre will follow shortly after.

This is extremely sad for us, for our local community.

I do have hope however. I have hope because our local community does not want Heritage to close. Our local community is doing everything possible to keep Heritage open.

Local Mums Online have started a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #SaveHeritageFarmNurseries. Edited on 12/01 to #SaveHeritageFarm

I have NO idea how Twitter works, so this blog post is my part in the campaign.

My one and only wish today is that we can continue to enjoy Heritage Farm Nurseries for a long time to come.

To follow Heritage on Facebook and keep up to date with the news, click here

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