Snow Day Part 2

We still have snow.. in fact, we have quite a lot now as it hasn’t stopped all day today!

This morning we stayed indoors and the kids did some dressing up. They had quite a complex game going involving experiments, volcanoes and flying carpets!

This afternoon we went to the local park with the sledges and the kids spent an hour on the slopes! This is the first year we’ve had sledges and this was the first time we’ve taken them out, although Thomas and Jasmine did have a go on a sledge at Forest School on Friday. They both got the hang of it really quickly today and had a great time! Even Ben had a go and went down the hill a few times by himself.

Tomorrow we have Daddy back (he has been working nights for the last week so has been sleeping in the day), so tomorrow is snowman day! I imagine there will be more sledging as well!

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