Our trip to Sheffield

We’ve spent the last few days with my parents in Sheffield. We arrived on Wednesday to quite a covering of snow so on Thursday morning we ran off the energy built up from 4 hours in the car the day before, with a good play in the snow.

In the afternoon we went to Chesterfield to see my Nana (my mum’s mum). She is 98 but you wouldn’t believe it! She does, however, need some help with oxygen and has an oxygen machine at home. Thomas and Jasmine were fascinated by this and insisted that they had a photo of it!

Twins and an Oxygen Tank!On Friday we went to Magna Science Adventure Park in Rotherham (I blogged about that here.)

On Friday night there was another huge downfall of snow and by midnight there must have been a good 3 or 4 inches on the ground. We did start to get worried that our plans for the following day would be cancelled, but when we woke on Saturday the thaw had already started so we put on our wellies and caught the bus and then the tram into Sheffield City Centre. We wandered around the Winter Gardens and the Millennium Gallery, before heading somewhere for lunch. After we had eaten the kids wanted more travel on the “road train” as Ben kept calling it, so we went on to Meadowhall.  I knew there was a Disney Store there so thought we’d go into there, buy a small toy and leave but on arrival we discovered a newly opened Lego Store as well! You can imagine the excitement! So they got their new toy each (Disney Store for Jasmine and Ben and the Lego Store for Thomas) and then went back to Grandma’s happy but thoroughly exhausted!


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