An interview with Ben, aged very nearly 3

I have been wondering for a while how to celebrate Ben turning 3. This birthday has made me realise how quickly my children are growing up. Ben is my baby, yet in less than a week he will be 3! How on earth did that happen???

It seems like only yesterday that I was on my way to the hospital, not certain if I was in labour or not and being told that I wasn’t quite but had to stay in anyway because they needed to monitor me for a while. By the time they decided I could go home, I was found to be in established labour so stayed put because my previous caesarean birth with T&J and having Gestational Diabetes meant I was considered “high risk” and needed constant monitoring under hospital policy.  I will never forget, or even maybe get over the horrible time I had culminating in an emergency C-Section. I will certainly never forget the last words I heard before they gave me a GA “We’ve lost the heartbeat”

Thankfully all turned out well and with just a little oxygen he started breathing. He needed only 90 minutes in special care (actually the least amount of time of any of my kids, despite starting out as the most poorly) and we were home 3 days later.

Anyway, I seem to have digressed from my original point.. how to mark these birthdays that my kids keep having? How do we remember them? I want to create something we can look back on, something more than just photographs.

I remember reading a while ago about doing “interviews” with your children each year and keeping them as a record and memory of them at that particular point. This is what I have decided to do. I think it will be a wonderful thing for us all to look back on as the kids get older. I already take hundreds of photos of them but I hope this will be a little snapshot into what they were thinking at each age as well.

After a quick Google search I found this from Reaves, party of four and with a little adaptation fitted it to us.

And here is Ben’s interview, aged almost 3.

  1. How old are you? 6 and a half (no idea why!)

  2. What is your favourite colour? Red

  3. What is your favourite toy? James (from Thomas the Tank Engine)

  4. What is your favourite fruit? Apple

  5. What is your favourite tv show? Thomas Tank

  6. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? Chocolate spread sandwiches

  7. What is your favourite game? (No answer for this one)

  8. What is your favourite snack? Apple

  9. What is your favourite animal? Great White Shark

  10. What is your favourite song? (No answer for this one)

  11. What is your favourite book? Lightning McQueen

  12. Who is your best friend? Daddy

  13. What is your favourite cereal? Fish Cereal (Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes)

  14. What is your favourite thing to do outside? My bike

  15. What is your favourite drink? Fruit Shoot

  16. What is your favourite holiday? The Seaside

  17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Bradley and Teddy

  18. What do you want for your birthday? Thomas Tank stuff

  19. What do you want to be when you grow up? (No answer for this one)

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