It’s Hama Time

Yesterday we got the Hama Beads out for the first time in what seems like ages! And in the usual way the break seems to have worked wonders.

Last time we used Hama Beads was just after I received the transparent peg boards for the Midi Beads. The kids weren’t fussed about using them at that time because they were so used to making “random” pictures – using their own words! Well, a 2 month break was all that was needed and the first thing both Jasmine and Thomas did yesterday was pick a transparent board and a pattern and get going! They did brilliantly! Both sat for ages concentrating and in fact Thomas hardly said a word he was concentrating so hard! Their finished designs are lovely 🙂Hama Heart and Truck

Jasmine then caught sight of a picture of a pink dolphin on the cover of one of the Inspiration books (I have several of these as I love them for ideas!) and said she wanted to make it. She has never copied a design before but it was quite simple so I gave her a few basic instructions (what colour to do first, how to count the number of rows of red on the bottom fin etc) and pretty much left her to it. And here is her finished dolphin.. I think she has done amazingly well! In typical Jasmine way she couldn’t copy it exactly; she had to personalise it. The multicoloured column is the dolphin’s necklace and the one white bead in the middle is a plaster, because the dolphin hurt itself on some rocks!Hama Dolphin

Yesterday’s Hama session also brought another first. Ben made his first Maxi Hama design! He chose to do the turtle and I picked the beads out, one colour at a time to make it easier for him and he sat and did it, from start to finish by himself! He also did a whale, but was started to get a little restless after completing the turtle so needed a bit of help with this one. But this is the first time he has completed any (historically he gets about half way through them tips the whole lot back into the box!) so I was really proud of him!Maxi Hama Turtle and WhaleI am also working on a new Hama project, so keep your eyes peeled for that in a day or 2 😉



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