Paper Snake

Following on from yesterdays Chinese New Year crafts, today we made paper snakes.Paper Snake

Take 2 pieces of coloured paper or card and cut out strips approximately 2.5/3cm thick. Tape the strips together to make 2 long strips of each colour.

Lay the pieces out in an L shape and tape the end together.

Accordion fold the paper until you have 4 or 5 inches of unfolded paper left.

Trim one colour off and tape it so the accordion won’t unravel.

On another piece of card/paper cut out a heart shape. Using glue or tape, stick this to the back of the long strip to make your snake’s head.

Stick eyes and a tongue on to your snake’s head. We used googly eyes and a tongue cut out of card, and then drew a mouth on with black pen.

I also stuck 2 lolly sticks  on to the finished snakes so the kids could use them as puppets, and Jasmine drew eyelashes on hers because it is a girl snake!

Boys snakes Jasmine's snake

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One thought on “Paper Snake

  1. faeriegem says:

    This is such an effective and easy idea! love it, Reminds me of fond memories crafting as a child 🙂

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