Weekend Catch Up

We don’t really seem to have done anything since we went to the RAF Museum on Thursday. Gordon is working a 10-10 shift, which is making for a long day for both of us.  Somehow this seems even worse then when he works 7am until 7pm. I psych myself up for those days and make sure I have things planned to keep us busy, and then I know I will get conversation not related to The Octonauts, Deadly 60 or LEGO Star Wars when he gets home at 8pm! This 10-10 shift means he is leaving straight after breakfast and then not getting back until 11pm. The time available for non-child centred conversation is almost non-existent.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the conversations I have with my kids, and I actually do enjoy watching Deadly 60! But I do also enjoy talking about “grown-up” things to balance it all out!

So, how have we filled our days?

On Friday morning Thomas and Jasmine did some Reading Eggs and some general play occurred and then afer lunch it was off to Forest School. Ben doesn’t go to Forest School yet and I use this opportunity to either try and get him to have a nap or go for a walk around Richmond Park. This time I knew he was really tired from a busy week, and he was asleep before I’d even got to the car park in Richmond Park! I took the opportunity to have a cake and read my Kindle!

On Saturday we started the day really slowly. There was a Play Day on at a local garden centre that I had considered going to, but by the time I’d cleared up from breakfast and everyone was dressed the kids had settled into a game about pirates so I left them to it. After half an hour or so of running round the house shouting about Captain Hook and the Tick Tock Croc they settled down to some jigsaws. This kept them busy for the rest of the morning!

On Saturday afternoon they played with the train track for a while and then settled down to watch a couple of episodes of Deadly 60 and Fierce Earth. After dinner we did some reading together. I am trying to get into the habit of reading with them after dinner, taking it in turns with Thomas to read a book. I have always read to them before they go to bed, but this is me reading to them. Thomas’ reading is really coming on at the moment and I need to build some time into our day where he gets to read a couple of books as well. After dinner, before the bedtime chaos begins, is turning into a good time to do this and calms everyone down nicely at the end of the day.

So far today the kids have been playing with their Octonauts toys, but Jasmine wants to do Reading Eggs and keeps appearing every few minutes to ask if I have finished writing yet.. so I guess I’d better finish here and let her on!

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