A Fairy And The End Of An Era

The “Dummy Fairy” visited our house last night. She came to see Ben and take his dummies away now he is 3 and doesn’t need them any more. She also left him a gift as a Thank You and Well Done! She left him a Cranky set to go with the Thomas the Tank Engine tracks we have. He loves it! Tonight he went to bed with no mention of dummies at all (although he did have to take Cranky to bed!)

I really thought we’d have problems taking the dummy from him. For months he has only had it at bed time and the occasional times he has slept during the day but he still seemed very reliant on it and, if we did forget to give it to him, he always asked for it. In fact at night he took 2 to bed with him every night! I knew it was time for it to go, but at the same time have been dreading it for weeks! It is also the last bit of “baby” he held on to and for that reason, I admit, it is a bit sad that it had to go! But it did have to go, and I am really proud of him for doing it.

My baby really is growing up.

At 3 years old Ben can

  • count to 12
  • name most colours
  • name the basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, star, heart and probably more)
  • recognise some letters
  • tell you a lot about animals of the sea
  • tell you even more about Thomas the Tank Engine!
  • walk for miles
  • eat and eat and eat!
  • sleep without a dummy 🙂

    Ben, aged 3 years 2 weeks, asleep with NO dummy :-)

    Ben, aged 3 years 2 weeks, asleep with NO dummy 🙂

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