A trip to see the Butterflies at Wisley – again!

Back on 15th January we went to the Butterflies in the Glasshouse event at RHS Wisley (blogged here). The event was recently extended until Sunday 3rd March so we took the opportunity to go again today.

I don’t think we saw quite as many butterflies as we saw the first time but it was still an amazing experience and the kids loved it just as much second time round. We even managed to remember to purchase the “Butterfly Spotter Guide” today so we could name what we were looking at as we walked round!

We also saw some Owl Butterfly caterpillars munching through a Banana plant (they are very well camouflaged ), and the “emergence cage” of several different chrysalides and one newly emerged butterfly! As we were getting ready to leave the glasshouse we saw a robin sitting in a tree singing away to everyone!

My favourite photograph from today has to be this one though

This event will definitely be on our calender for next year!

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One thought on “A trip to see the Butterflies at Wisley – again!

  1. The robin is obviously v.tame. Saw him today too.

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