Another weekend round up

I haven’t blogged for a couple of days now because Ben has been unwell. I think it is just a cold but he was up a few times on Friday night struggling with croup so we’ve had a couple of quiet days at home dosing him on Calprofen, which is apparently better for croup as it is an anti-inflammatory (croup being an inflammation of the airways).

Yesterday I took Jasmine to Gymnastics in the morning and then in the afternoon we watched a bit of TV, did some Reading Eggs, played some games on the computer and did some Duplo building.

This morning was taken over with new Star Wars toys (new to us, but bought second hand from our local Facebook buy and sell group). This afternoon Jasmine asked if she could have the Hama Beads out as she wanted to make “a butterfly with a necklace”!!! So, as Ben seemed a bit better, we did some Hama Bead-ing while he played and/or watched TV.

Jasmine found a butterfly picture in one of the Inspiration books so I used that as a starting point and did the outline of the wings for her but the rest is all her own work (well, OK she has a little help with the antennae!). She chose the colours and the design (notice the red necklace on the body!). We talked a little about how butterflies wings were the same on each side and she really tried hard and did very well.  Thomas wanted to “make an invention” so I left him to it!

Then there followed a conversation about my Glow in the Dark Hama Beads. I say “my” because I try and keep these out of sight of the children and use them for my own projects! But they do know I have them and Thomas found some patterns in another Inspiration Book that used them, so was asking where they were! Jasmine was also flicking through an Inspiration Book and found an aeroplane she wanted to make. As one of the pictures Thomas had seen was a aeroplane I thought, just this once, I’d let them use the Glow in the Dark beads for the smaller aeroplane design.. aren’t I generous! Again I did the outline and they filled the beads in the middle.

All the designs they did today look fabulous and will join the ever growing collection of Hama Bead designs hanging from beds, on walls and in several other places! I’m going to need a specially designed display cabinet for them all soon!!

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