Duplo Maths

It has been almost a week since my last blog post. Ben has been quite unwell but finally today he seemed much better so we managed to start getting back to some sort of normality!

We started the day with some maths. Jasmine got the toy till out after breakfast and did some “adding” on it. As usual she started with small numbers and did some basic sums, but soon moved to larger numbers and more complicated sums! Thomas then decided to join in and after a slight disagreement about who was going to use the till, he decided to use one of our calculators instead! He began by looking at our list of “Ways to make 10” and did all those sums on the calculator (just to check!) but then he too started on the larger numbers. They both particularly like 99, 100 and then adding more and more zero’s to make bigger and bigger numbers! We were soon into millions!

But then, suprisingly, Thomas came back to the smaller numbers and started adding numbers 1-11 to 99. He was particularly impressed when he did 11+99 and made 110! I thought I’d show him this sum with Duplo so made 11 towers of 10 bricks and tried to show him the sums he had been doing. I have no idea whether he understood what I was doing but he listened and nodded at all the right moments!

While I had been making towers of 10, Thomas had made a “counting in 2s tower” of 10, which he was very proud of!Counting in 2s with DuploAfter we’d exhausted the addition and counting in 2s, he joined all the “tower of 10” bricks together to make one long line of 110 Duplo bricks. I suggested that we could measure how long he was so we gave this a go but the line was too long really so he took in apart again and went on a hunt for things that were 10 bricks long. This was much more practical and he decided on 10 things that measured 10 bricks.

10 things that measure 10Jasmine joined in and they both spent time looking for things that measured various amounts of Duplo bricks long.

Duplo maths is great fun!

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One thought on “Duplo Maths

  1. We love Duplo Maths 🙂

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