The Big Bang Fair

The plan for today was to head up into London to go to The Big Bang Fair. Well, that was the plan.

Then Jasmine woke up some time around 3am last night and was suddenly really poorly.. so the new plan was for me to stay at home with her and Ben while Gordon and Thomas went to the Fair.

So now I have to try and write a blog post about an event I didn’t go to! Gordon has tried to explain all the things they got up to so here goes..

The first area they went to was “The Next Factor”, which included the space themed stands and activities.  At the Kennedy Space Centre stand they watched a semi-autonomous model moon rover and Thomas got to help launch an air rocket by pumping a foot pump and pressing the air release button. They visited the Herschal stand and had a go at a galaxy spotting game (that they didn’t really understand!), got some space themed posters from the Royal Observatory stand and then went to the Astrium stand where they watched a Mars Rover drive round a mock Martian terrain. The stand team stopped driving the Rover to allow Thomas to have his photo taken with it!

Thomas was getting a little bit overdone at this point so Gordon suggested an early lunch, but even heading to the picnic area they watched some radio control cars and played a bubble organ and during lunch they watched a Landrover driving around a ramp/trailer based assault course

During lunch they met up with our friends from Caterpillar Tales and they all headed over to the Sea Life stand so Thomas could indulge his passion for sharks (and pick up another leaflet!). Then they moved over to a medical stand where they talked about how to stablilse a person who had been knocked of a bicycle. At another stand they looked at some Daphnia under a microscope, which was particularly interesting for Thomas because that is what we feed our fish! Lastly they looked at themselves with a Thermal Imaging camera and noticed different parts of their body were different colours, and they could make hand-heat prints on each other.

On the way out Thomas got another photograph, this time with a Formula One car.

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