Easter Egg Trail at Polesdon Lacey

This afternoon we went to Polesdon Lacey to do the Cadbury/National Trust Easter Egg Trail.

We’ve done these for the last 2 years and it has become a family tradition now! In previous years we’ve been to Morden Hall Park and Box Hill so this year we thought we’d find a new one to try. We have been to Polesdon Lacey once before and the kids had a really good time. There is lots of open space to run round, a natural playground to explore and beautiful scenery all round.

Once we’d worked out the password and collected our egg, we did some more playing and exploring.

We had a great time doing the trail at Polesdon Lacey. We’re off to Box Hill on Monday because we love the Cadbury/National Trust Easter Egg Trails so much!

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One thought on “Easter Egg Trail at Polesdon Lacey

  1. […] Today we went with Caterpillar Tales mummy and youngest so we stuck to a walk we have done before, knowing it was child and buggy friendly! We actually walked the route of this years Easter Egg Trail. […]

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