My little artist

This last week, Jasmine has rarely been seen without a pencil and piece of paper far away from her. She has always loved drawing but something has happened recently, something amazing. She has started to really look at things and draw them in detail. I watch her and I can see her eyes moving from object to paper, and I can see the attention to detail she is putting into her drawings.

She starts before we’ve even had breakfast and can spend an hour or more at a time sitting at the table drawing. Nothing distracts her and nothing will stop her (we even have to negotiate drawing vs meal times at the moment!)

Gone are the mono-coloured drawings, the lovely neat pencil work that then gets coloured in rapidly, resulting in all the detail being covered up! They have been replaced with stunning pictures

This is just a selection of the work she has done over the last two or three days

And this really is the tip of the iceberg! I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at how many drawings she is doing a day, but it is a lot!

Today, when she wasn’t drawing she was building with Lego and Duplo, and again a change has happened here. Today she followed the 12 point instructions for a new Lego model and accurately built a car. It is the first time she has even attempted to do one by herself! She also made a dog, a tree and a table with Lego food on. When she has finished these she came downstairs and showed me how to make a tree out of Duplo, starting from the trunk and working up symmetrically so both sides were the same.

My children’s ability to learn never ceases to amaze me. Every day they do something new, astonish me with a skill I didn’t know they had, amaze me with pieces of information they have picked up. Every day I feel privileged to be part of their learning, to help them, show them, teach them, learn with them. Every day they teach me something.

Every day I learn to trust my children’s ability that little bit more and every day I realise that, for them, learning is in everything they see and everything they do.

Every day I realise how lucky we are to be able to home educate.

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One thought on “My little artist

  1. Lovely post, what a clever girl 🙂

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