More Moon Sand Play

This morning it was no surprise when the kids asked to play with the Moon Sand again!

To make it a little different from yesterday I added some glitter in with the sand and this gave it a lovely sparkle that the kids were excited about. Initially they wanted to play with dinosaurs but it wasn’t long before they were put to one side in favour of cars and diggers again! They also had cups and pots to make sandcastles, and knives and spoons again.

Today I also put some ice cube trays in for them to play with. I gave them one traditional rectangular tray, which produced really good bricks, and 2 silicone trays with star and heart shapes. We soon discovered that the silicone trays wouldn’t work because as we pressed the trays to release the sand, it all crumbled instead of coming out as a solid shape. But it was OK, the kids loved the rectangle sand bricks!

Moon Sand play Day 2

One of the biggest differences between the play yesterday and the play today was that yesterday all 3 kids played independently,  whereas today they played together much more. Yesterday the sand was new and they all had their own ideas and were trying them out for themselves. Today they interacted and played imaginatively with the sand toys together. The bricks were used to build things. These buildings then needed demolishing. Jasmine was building and Thomas was demolishing! They made roads for the cars to drive along. When Jasmine had done enough building, her truck took the bricks to Thomas in the demolition area! Jasmine and Ben made walls for the dinosaurs to eat (??!) and spent a long time playing with the dinosaurs together.

Yesterday was all about discovering the sand. Today was about playing with it.

I wonder what tomorrow will be?

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