Playdough Cakes

This morning we got the playdough out. I usually just dump all the cutters and bits in the middle and let the kids dig in but today I thought I would try something different.

I gave them muffin cases, happy birthday cake decorations, candles, number and letter cutters and some glitter stars and they made playdough cakes. We even lit the candles at one point and then blew them out!

After a while the kids asked for the plasticine as well and spent some time making models with this.

Notice no cakes were made with the plasticine though. The kids still find plasticine hard to work with so even though they ask for it, they don’t actually do much with it. Well, except Jasmine. Today she did quite a bit of modelling with both the playdough and the plasticine. Thomas managed to roll some plasticine flat (with a lot of encouragement) and used the cutters to make the word “no”, before moving back to the playdough.

The kids did enjoy making playdough cakes today, and it was nice to do something different, but it actually didn’t keep them as occupied as I expected. Next time I’ll probably start with a themed idea, but make sure I include all our usual stuff as well so they can mix and match as they choose.

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One thought on “Playdough Cakes

  1. Lisa W says:

    Such cute little faces!

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