Another Day at the Fayre

After our trip to the May Fayre at Morden Hall Park on Saturday (with the shockingly overpriced ice creams!) I found out from a local mum’s group on Facebook that our entry ticket was valid all weekend.

So with nothing else planned for today, and because our friends from Caterpillar Tales were going today as well, we headed back there this afternoon.

The plan was to meet our friends before lunch so we could all have a picnic and then look round together. In our usual way though, we were running late and by the time I had made the picnic, remembered I had a machine full of clothes that needed to be hung up to dry outside, and then finally got everyone in the car only to realise half way there that I had forgotten the ticket so needed to go back home to get it, it was almost 12.30pm by the time we arrived! It didn’t matter too much though because our friends were even later than us!

Obviously the first thing we did on arrival was eat our lunch! But the kids already knew what they wanted to do next.

The Peg Perego Jeeps are as popular with my kids as the Bumper Boats are! They love them! I like them as well because Ben can ride alongside as a passenger. Everyone is happy!

After the Jeeps we went to see a Punch and Judy show. I wasn’t sure the kids would stay and watch the whole show but they loved it. Thomas joined in all the shouting “Oh no it isn’t”, “He’s over there” and Ben made sure I was joining in as well! When the show had finished the kids wanted to go on a little train ride that Ben and Gordon had been on on Saturday.

Just as the train ride finished our friends arrived so we went to meet them by the entrance, stopping for some Candy Floss on the way.

We found our friends in the National Trust area, so we headed in and had a go at #41 on the 50 Things challenge “Plant it Grow it Eat it” Both Thomas and Jasmine made a plant pot out of newspaper and planted some Rocket seeds. Unfortunately these seeds won’t make it to the grow and eat stage because the pots fell out of the buggy later in the day :-/ Bad Mummy I am for not paying enough attention. But we have all planted lots more seeds in the garden this year so we will still be able to complete this challenge!

As it was by now getting quite late, and very very hot, we decided on one more walk round before going home. We went to see the rabbits again, then Jasmine brushed one of the Miniature Ponies, and then I decided we’d have one go on a Fun Fair style game. I chose the nearest, you picked x number of tickets from a bucket and if you could make them add to 21 you won a prize. I paid for 10 tickets and we got opening. Of course, most of the ones we opened were even numbers so no hope of making 21, but then Thomas opened a “21” Instant Win ticket! We are now the proud owners of a rather large cuddly dog! He has been names “Fire Dog” because of his red hat and the intials on it!

We had another great day at the Fayre today.

I’ve just got to find somewhere for this large dog to go now!

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