Pond Life

Our pond is in πŸ™‚

Actually it has been in for a couple of weeks now and we have gradually been moving everything in to it. We moved a few of the daphnia, water boatmen and pond snails last week to see if the water was ready. They survived! So we moved the rest of the old storage box pond yesterday.

Today we went to a local Aquatics centre and got some pond plants and on the way home stopped off at our friends house and collected some tadpoles.

Now I really feel like our little pond is in!


Everyone is very happy and excited, but Jasmine is still a little disappointed because we don’t have any pond skaters yet!

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7 thoughts on “Pond Life

  1. I’d love you to add some of your outdoor posts to Country Kids. The linky is every Saturday to Thursday. I have so much admiration for you homeschooling your twins.

  2. Great to have a little pond Eco system in your own garden! The pond skaters will come I’m sure πŸ™‚

  3. Brinabird says:

    How exciting! I look forward to hearing more about pond life!

  4. […] to make our garden a haven for birds and bugs alike. We have buried a bucket for beetles, we have dug out a small pond, we have made a nest box,Β and the plants we chose for the borders this year were picked to be […]

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