1983 to 2013 – 30 Years of Me

1983. Now that was a long time ago! I began the year aged 4, a loud confident pre-schooler. That September I turned 5 and started school. I was quite cute wasn’t I!Me, aged 5

1983 was also the year that Special K first appeared on our shelves. I was still eating my weetabix for breakfast though so I knew nothing about it!

To be honest, until a couple of weeks ago I still didn’t know much about Special K. But then I saw the Britmums #SpecialK30 Challenge and it sounded quite fun so I thought I’d give it a go.

I have changed quite a lot since 1983, but Special K hadn’t. Until now. Now Special K contains three grains, rice, wheat and barley, and is made with wholegrain. I was sent a box of new Special K to try out, and challenged to show how I have changed in 30 years.

New Special K

First things first, what is the new Special K like. Well actually it is pretty good. All 5 of us have been enjoying it for breakfast and it is a satisfying change from our usual Rice Krispies or Multigrain Boulders. (As you can see, usually the kids choice of cereal wins in this house!) But do you know what? The kids would happily choose the new Special K over the others. Mostly I think this is because it is very sweet. We compared the sugar content to Kelloggs Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes and they are virtually identical, as was the amount of calories. In fact the only difference was in the amount of fat, where Special K was lower. Thomas and Jasmine have been calling the Special K “Special Frosties” 😉

So, how have I changed.

Well, instead of being 5 I now have two 5 year olds! I have fitted quite a lot into that 30 years when I look back.

When I was 6 I went abroad for the first time. We went to France with Key Camp and had such a lovely time we did it again the following year. I have very fond memories of those holidays.France holidaysOur holidays gradually got further and further from home and at age 11 I went to the USA for the first time. Meeting Mickey Mouse was amazing! I have been to the States several times since and the second photograph here was in 2004 at Niagara Falls.


At age 7 I became a Brownie. I then didn’t leave the Movement until I had the twins, so Guiding has been a big part of my life for a lot of that 30 years. I was a Brownie, a Guide, a Young Leader and a Guider.Guiding

In 2005 I met Gordon. We got engaged in Maui, Hawaii in 2006 and married in Las Vegas in 2007.Engaged and Married

9 months after getting married (to the day!) Thomas and Jasmine were born. 2 years later we were crazy enough to have another one, Ben.KidsAnd now? Well now I have two 5 year olds and a 3 year old. I do not have mousey brown hair, I have red hair. I do not live in Cheadle Hulme, I live in Sutton. I do not holiday in the USA, I holiday in Norfolk!

I would define my change by hair style and weight. My hair has been short,  long, curly, short, long and is now getting shorter again. My weight.. well lets just say that a twin pregnancy followed shortly after by a singleton pregnancy, and a love of sweet things has not do me any favours!

Gone is the cute 5 year old. Here I am now. Maybe I should eat Special K more regularly.. it is low in fat but still will satisfy my sweet tooth.. hmm, now there’s a thought!

1983 - 2013


This is my entry for the Britmums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge.”


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2 thoughts on “1983 to 2013 – 30 Years of Me

  1. Busy lady. Enjoyed reading about your life and times. Thanks for taking part on behalf of BritMums

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