A Windy Walk on Headley Heath

We woke early this morning (thank you to Thomas and Jasmine) but this did have its benefits. We got a bird feeding station from the garden centre on Wednesday and put it out in the garden on Thursday morning. There has gradually been an increase in the number of birds as they are slowly finding all the food we have put out for them, and this morning as I looked out of the window I saw a woodpecker, first in the apple tree and then on the peanut feeder! It was a wonderful sight and I was very excited! All the kids crowded into our bedroom to watch it.

Shortly after, as we were eating breakfast, we saw a jay as well! So since having the feeder out we have seen lots of blue tits, magpies, wood pigeons, a pair of collared doves, blackbirds, a jay, a robin and a woodpecker! I also saw another small bird this morning but didn’t get a very good look. I think it was a dunnock or a sparrow but I’m not sure so hopefully he’ll be back.Birds in the GardenThis afternoon it rained. There isn’t much to do in our back garden in the rain but we all wanted to get outside, so we went for a walk on Headley Heath.

Actually, for most of the afternoon (after we’d left the house of course) the rain held off, but it was incredibly windy.

We took a new route around Headley Heath today. As we entered through the gate, one of the first things we saw was what we *think* was a badger sett. It was definitely an animal hole and we couldn’t see any evidence of rabbits nearby. There was also a large area of cleared soil, which is what made me think of badgers.

A short walk into the woodland and we found another hole. This time we did see evidence of rabbits so we think this was a rabbit hole. Animal HomesAs we continued our walk the kids did the usual climbing trees, balancing on fallen logs and bug catching. We took a net with us to sweep the ferns, but we didn’t find much today, even in the undergrowth and under logs. We did see a millipede, a lacewing and what we think was a soldier beetle.Headley Heath in JuneToday was mostly just about getting out and walking. It was so windy there wasn’t much to see; even the birds were hiding away! But we still managed to fill almost two hours and have a really wonderful time.


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