Saturday Stuff

After losing the plot a bit yesterday my aim for today was for it to be relaxed, easy and stress free.

I took Jasmine to gymnastics this morning and Gordon stayed home with the boys. When we got back they had been busy building a train track.Train Play They haven’t played with the trains and track recently. I always find toys go in cycles and usually a stressful day signals a change is needed. As yesterday was a stressful day, it was nice to see a change in toy choice!

They played really nicely with the trains and track for the rest of the morning while I got on with some laundry and other stuff.

After lunch I suddenly remembered there was a local church fair on today that I had planned on going to. It was at the church that Caterpillar Tales attend and is a really good event.

We got there some time around 1.45pm I think and, of course, went straight to the toy stall! I was determined not to get anything too big or too random, but as usual I failed because I find it so hard to say no to both the kids and a good bargain! Ben and Thomas got some perfect stuff for them. Ben chose a toy landrover and a dumper truck and Thomas got a selection of modelling kits (make a plaster of paris ant hill, some meccano and a Science Museum kit). Jasmine spotted a ride on toy that she has wanted for a very very long time; a Wheelybug. Several of our friends have one of these and it is always her toy of choice at their houses so I knew she’d want it. I asked how much it was (secretly hoping it would be too much!) but it was only £2.00! So she is now the very proud owner of a tiger Wheelybug!Church Fair PurchasesJasmine and Ben also got a soft toy each. Jasmine got a tiny cat and Ben found a really cute rabbit, who he promptly named Chocolate!

After toys, we went and got a cake and a drink each, had a go on various tombolas and lucky dips where we won far too many sweets and a good selection of books, had a glass of freshly pressed lemonade and came home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent building with the Science Museum kit and the meccano, and riding around on a Wheelybug!


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. claire lee says:

    can’t beat a good church fete. things back to normal today then. claire xx

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