Saturday Snippets 17th August 2013

I haven’t blogged for 3 days now. Mostly, this is because I have been busy with a new project that I am determined to get finished before the end of the month – all will be revealed soon – but it is also because we haven’t really done much this week. On Tuesday I wrote about enjoying some down time, and this has continued throughout the rest of the week.

Despite not doing much, there are things I would like to share so I am joining in with Jax from Making it Up and Hannah from Caterpillar Tales, and here are my Saturday Snippets

{Enjoying} watching the kids play together. Their imaginative play has been fantastic and it has been lovely, funny and quite cute listening to the stories they tell and the ideas they come up with!

(Reading} the final chapters of The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. The kids have really enjoyed this story and we can’t wait to start the next book.

{Learning} about identifying moths and caterpillars, and identifying things that look like caterpillars but are actually not caterpillars!

{Watching} lots of episodes of Deadly 60 and Fierce Earth

{Eating} too much junk this week. I need to find some motivation to stop.

{Feeling} proud when Thomas and Jasmine both drew pictures and wrote labels on what they had drawn

{Making} new placemats for the kids

{Remembering} a fellow twin mummy and her baby girl as they begin a tough journey.

{snapshots} Thomas has done some great drawing and writing over the last few days and his pencil control and grip is really improving. Jasmine has built some impressive Duplo models and has also enjoyed drawing lots of pictures. Ben has learnt how to bounce on a space hopper and has played almost non stop with a large Mac truck (from the Disney Cars film) that has been broken for a long long time and was finally fixed this week.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets 17th August 2013

  1. Hannah says:

    Lovely snippets 🙂 And a reminder that I need to read some Enid Blyton books to the children. The big boys read them, but I don’t know why I never read any out loud – would be a good nostalgia trip!

  2. Magic faraway tree was one of our absolute favourite readalouds, think we read it 4 times to Big then she learnt to read it to herself.

    We had some things I thought were caterpillars but they turned out to be ravenous fly larva and would have killed my rose so I had to deal with them. Not good.

    Sending thoughts to your twin mummy friend.

    • Yes, I can see me reading them all again once we’ve finished The Folk of the Faraway Tree. We’ve all been enjoying the adventures and it has inspired lots of imaginative play!

      Our “caterpillar” was a Sawfly larva. There is lots to learn about the insect world isn’t there!

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