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Hama Beads and DIY

Since we got the rabbits the kids are very keen to get dressed in the morning. They love coming out and helping me give Chocolate and Star their fresh food, water and hay, and they usually add a few dandelion leaves to the hutch as well! Its a good job the garden is full of them! We’ve been using this time to handle the rabbits as well as they are still quite nervous, which makes the kids even keener to help!Watching the rabbitsOnce all animal duties had been completed this morning we got Hama Beads out. Jasmine has been asking to do Hama Beads for a few days but we’ve been out and about quite a lot so we hadn’t managed to get them out. Today we had no plans to go anywhere other then B&Q after lunch, so we had the whole morning to design and create.

I joined in with the kids today and made my own Hama picture. I am hoping that if they see me doing this it will develop their own ideas about what they can design. I explained what I was doing and Thomas said he wanted to make a Lightning McQueen picture. He started off using the red, but didn’t really understand what to do. He actually ended up making a rather brilliant red square with the letters T and J in – and I even let him use my glow-in-the-dark beads for the letters! He worked really methodically, putting the beads in line by line and making the letter shape with no help at all.

Jasmine began using the flower peg board and designed a pretty flower. She then also wanted to use a square board to “write letters”, although I am pretty certain this was because she knew I’d let her do the letters in glow-in-the-dark beads! She made a square with a patterned border and flowers dotted around the inside.

Ben did really well with the Maxi beads today. It is only the last 2 times we’ve done Hama Beads that he has really shown an interest in competing a design. Today he did 3 boards entirely by himself! He sat for ages placing beads on the peg boards, talking about colours and what he was making. It is lovely that he joins in with us now, and makes Hama Beading a lot easier knowing he won’t tip them all over the floor when he has had enough!Hama Beads 31May Maxi Hama Beads 31MayThis afternoon we did go to B&Q. We are currently decorating Ben’s bedroom as part of a competition (more on that in a day or 2!) so we needed wood and a few other bits. Once we got back Jasmine and Ben went into the garden and started a bug hunt and Thomas went to help Gordon do some plastering upstairs. He has helped a couple of times now and is getting quite good at it!PlasteringOnce he’d finished he joined the others in the garden and they spent the rest of the day digging in their mud, looking for worms and other bugs and collecting them in seed tray gardens!Bug Hunting




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Easter Themed Hama Beads

This afternoon I got the Easter Egg Hama peg boards and pastel beads out and this is what Thomas and Jasmine made

Thomas’ is lovely and colourful and I was really impressed with Jasmine doing the stripes. I helped her pick the colours out of the tub but she designed and made it all by herself.

Once I had ironed these I made an Easter Basket

Easter Basket Hama Design

While I was making the basket, Jasmine got the small butterfly peg board out and made this

Butterfly by Jasmine

Again, this is entirely her own design, made with no help at all. Well, apart from help picking out yellow beads towards the end when she got tired of looking for them! I’m amazed how she has suddenly become able to do designs like this by herself! She has come so far in such a short space of time.

Thomas made a Killer Whale and a slide out of Maxi Beads

and Ben made a Maxi Bead Aeroplane. He chose the colours he wanted to use and did almost all of it by himself (he had some help placing the window). He has also done really well recently with the Hama Beads. A few months ago he would just fill part of a board and then take the beads off again, repeatedly! Now he will happily sit and complete one, if not two designs at a time with the Maxi Beads.

Maxi Aeroplane by Ben

I asked the kids if they would like to leave their designs out for the Easter Bunny tonight and see if he left anything for them in return. They decided not to do that though as they were worried the Bunny might take their designs and they want to hang them up!

We love Easter and the Easter Bunny, but it seems the kids love their Hama Beads more!!

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Another weekend round up

I haven’t blogged for a couple of days now because Ben has been unwell. I think it is just a cold but he was up a few times on Friday night struggling with croup so we’ve had a couple of quiet days at home dosing him on Calprofen, which is apparently better for croup as it is an anti-inflammatory (croup being an inflammation of the airways).

Yesterday I took Jasmine to Gymnastics in the morning and then in the afternoon we watched a bit of TV, did some Reading Eggs, played some games on the computer and did some Duplo building.

This morning was taken over with new Star Wars toys (new to us, but bought second hand from our local Facebook buy and sell group). This afternoon Jasmine asked if she could have the Hama Beads out as she wanted to make “a butterfly with a necklace”!!! So, as Ben seemed a bit better, we did some Hama Bead-ing while he played and/or watched TV.

Jasmine found a butterfly picture in one of the Inspiration books so I used that as a starting point and did the outline of the wings for her but the rest is all her own work (well, OK she has a little help with the antennae!). She chose the colours and the design (notice the red necklace on the body!). We talked a little about how butterflies wings were the same on each side and she really tried hard and did very well.  Thomas wanted to “make an invention” so I left him to it!

Then there followed a conversation about my Glow in the Dark Hama Beads. I say “my” because I try and keep these out of sight of the children and use them for my own projects! But they do know I have them and Thomas found some patterns in another Inspiration Book that used them, so was asking where they were! Jasmine was also flicking through an Inspiration Book and found an aeroplane she wanted to make. As one of the pictures Thomas had seen was a aeroplane I thought, just this once, I’d let them use the Glow in the Dark beads for the smaller aeroplane design.. aren’t I generous! Again I did the outline and they filled the beads in the middle.

All the designs they did today look fabulous and will join the ever growing collection of Hama Bead designs hanging from beds, on walls and in several other places! I’m going to need a specially designed display cabinet for them all soon!!

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Hama Bead Clock

Here is my latest completed Hama Bead project.

Hama Bead Clock

I never really plan my designs before I start so they are always a “work in progress” until they are finished! The clock was a birthday present for my dad so my only thought before I started was for it to be a Manchester United design.

Here is the pattern before I ironed it. The border of the clock is black, the body is white, the letters and centre are red and the numbers are done in glow in the dark red beads.Clock patternAs you can see, I used 4 large square boards, so the finished clock was quite big.

Once I was happy with the finished design, I ironed it and Gordon (my wonderful, practical husband!) stuck on the clock mechanism using silicone sealant. Finding a glue that will stick to Hama Beads is quite tricky and I would never thought to use bath sealant myself!

If you fancy making one of these yourself, the clock mechanism can be purchased here and the Hama Beads and peg boards can be purchased here.

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It’s Hama Time

Yesterday we got the Hama Beads out for the first time in what seems like ages! And in the usual way the break seems to have worked wonders.

Last time we used Hama Beads was just after I received the transparent peg boards for the Midi Beads. The kids weren’t fussed about using them at that time because they were so used to making “random” pictures – using their own words! Well, a 2 month break was all that was needed and the first thing both Jasmine and Thomas did yesterday was pick a transparent board and a pattern and get going! They did brilliantly! Both sat for ages concentrating and in fact Thomas hardly said a word he was concentrating so hard! Their finished designs are lovely 🙂Hama Heart and Truck

Jasmine then caught sight of a picture of a pink dolphin on the cover of one of the Inspiration books (I have several of these as I love them for ideas!) and said she wanted to make it. She has never copied a design before but it was quite simple so I gave her a few basic instructions (what colour to do first, how to count the number of rows of red on the bottom fin etc) and pretty much left her to it. And here is her finished dolphin.. I think she has done amazingly well! In typical Jasmine way she couldn’t copy it exactly; she had to personalise it. The multicoloured column is the dolphin’s necklace and the one white bead in the middle is a plaster, because the dolphin hurt itself on some rocks!Hama Dolphin

Yesterday’s Hama session also brought another first. Ben made his first Maxi Hama design! He chose to do the turtle and I picked the beads out, one colour at a time to make it easier for him and he sat and did it, from start to finish by himself! He also did a whale, but was started to get a little restless after completing the turtle so needed a bit of help with this one. But this is the first time he has completed any (historically he gets about half way through them tips the whole lot back into the box!) so I was really proud of him!Maxi Hama Turtle and WhaleI am also working on a new Hama project, so keep your eyes peeled for that in a day or 2 😉



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A Crafty Afternoon

This morning the kids held a party for their plastic sharks, which basically meant this:












So this afternoon  (after I had spent 30 minutes tidying downstairs while they moved the party upstairs!) I thought we should do something a little more structured 😉

I dug around in the box I got from Yellow Moon last week and we did the Mosiac Pictures, which took lots of concentration and went down very well!

It was really interesting watching Thomas and Jasmine do these, and I love finding out the different ways they do things. Basically the Mosiac was a picture with numbered squares that they had to stick different coloured foam pads and gems on to. Jasmine did hers methodically, starting at number 1 and working though the numbers in order, looking at the guide to get the right colour, all the way to number 10. Thomas started with green because that is his favourite colour! He checked the guide to match the number to the colour he wanted to do!

The pictures turned out brilliantly so I think we’ll be looking for other things like this to do again.

Snowman Mosiac by Thomas

Christmas Tree Mosiac by Jasmine












We also started some sequin baubles that I got from Yellow Moon, but didn’t get them finished so we’ll come back to those in a couple of days.

I also want to share this, which is my work. I am doing each of the children a Door Plaque, and this is the first one completed. The name on the plaque is done in Glow in the Dark beads 🙂

Door Plaque

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More Hama Beads

After my last post about Hama Beads, and discovering (thanks to a comment on that post by Merry from CraftsMerrily) that you can in fact get transparent boards for Midi Beads (like this one) I just had to order some!

They arrived a couple of days ago and yesterday we got them out to have a go with. I think the frames looked great and are really easy to use. Thomas tried one out and made a lovely fish using the frame and one of the provided images. Jasmine didn’t want to copy the image exactly but she did use the frame and picture to make a butterfly, just in her own colours! They also chose to make a star (Jasmine) and a flower (Thomas).











With my recent order I also got an Inspiration Book as I love looking through them to get ideas of stuff we can do! I saw a large Santa design that I thought looked really good, and when I was talking to Thomas about it he wanted to have a go. As we do now have 4 large square peg boards (the boards clip together to make one HUGE board!) I thought, why not! I knew I would end up doing it as the design was far to tricky for Thomas, but expected that he might help a little bit. He didn’t, and over 2 hours later I finished! I have to admit, I am quite impressed with the finished design 🙂


Hama Beads

We are huge fans of Hama Beads here. I loved them when I was a child and when I saw the Maxi Hama Beads in a craft store a couple of years ago I knew it was time to introduce the big two to them! Maxi Beads are larger than the “normal” Hama Beads, specially designed for children aged 3 and over. They instantly got Thomas and Jasmine hooked 🙂

I think it helps that the Maxi Beads come with transparent peg boards so you can just place the peg board directly over the pattern you want to follow, which is much much easier for little ones. We started with some of the Starter Packs but quickly progressed to wanting more and more and I bought one of the Inspiration Books, which we have found invaluable.

Now Ben is using the Maxi Beads and Thomas and Jasmine are starting to use the Midi Beads. They do like these smaller beads, but find following any pattern quite difficult as the boards are not designed for placing on top of the picture and at not quite 5 they are still too young to “count the pattern” by themselves. We therefore tend to end up with lots of very colourful squares and hexagons (coasters?)! Jasmine likes making picture frames as well, which is basically just placing beads in a few rows around the edge of the board and leaving a gap in the middle to place a picture! She has a couple of her own designs on her bedroom wall!

Here are some of the designs the kids have done (randomly collected from around the house!):