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Compound Words, Marble Run and Treasure Hunts

Today has been all about compound words, cardboard tube marble runs and treasure hunts.

This morning after a couple of hours of Lego building, Thomas went on Reading Eggs. His lesson included a game introducing compound words and both Thomas and Jasmine have been experimenting with these all day since! They really got the hang of it and at dinner time alone they came up with sun+rise, water+melon, sun+flower, ear+ring, card+board, butter+fly, lady+bird, back+pack, foot+ball, black+berry, straw+berry (and several more on this theme!), snow+man, and definitely many more that I can’t remember now! I think tomorrow we’ll play some compound word games as they really did like exploring this new idea.

This afternoon we hosted a small Home Education group meeting at our house. I say small because there was only 2 other families that could make it today, but there was still 9 children here in total!

The plan for today’s group was to make a cardboard tube marble run. I saw the idea here on An Ordinary Life, a fabulous, inspirational Home Ed blog. I showed Thomas and Jasmine and they were really keen to try it themselves. So today I found a large selection of cardboard tubes, dug out the masking tape and this is what we all made

Marble Run

The only place I could think to build it was on our patio doors so this photo is taken from outside, looking in with the curtain closed! This was the only way we could get a good photo!

The kids all enjoyed building this and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. It is definitely an activity we’ll be doing again.

Once all our friends had gone home Thomas found the arrows I had used for the Easter Egg hunt in the garden on Sunday. He started making treasure trails through the house for Daddy to follow, and he even drew some more arrows to make the trails longer.

Follow the arrows

 At the end of the trail was always Daddy’s motorbike gloves!

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1 Minute Easter Chick

1 minute Easter chick


You will need:

2 pompoms, big one for the body and smaller one for the head
2 Googly eyes, small
Craft foam
PVA Glue

Glue the 2 pompoms together. Stick 2 googly eyes to the head. Cut a small triangle from craft foam; this is the beak. Glue this in place under the eyes.

It really is as simple as that! You could try using different things to add wings (I couldn’t find anything that looked right!), or make different animals.. the possibilities are endless 🙂

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Sticky Window Craft

It has been a beautiful sunny day here today and has really felt like spring is finally arriving!

This morning, with the sun streaming through the patio doors, it was the perfect opportunity to do some sticky window craft. I was sent a link to this idea a few days ago by a friend who recommended Kara’s Classroom to me and I immediately knew we’d be giving it a go!

Sticky windows involve cutting a piece of sticky back plastic and taping it to a window with the sticky side facing outwards. I cut some tissue paper squares of several colours and added some craft gems and felt shapes. Jasmine had a go first but was soon joined by Thomas. Ben hasn’t been feeling great again today but he did a little bit.

The kids really enjoyed doing this so I think it is an activity we’ll definitely be doing again.

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Paper Snake

Following on from yesterdays Chinese New Year crafts, today we made paper snakes.Paper Snake

Take 2 pieces of coloured paper or card and cut out strips approximately 2.5/3cm thick. Tape the strips together to make 2 long strips of each colour.

Lay the pieces out in an L shape and tape the end together.

Accordion fold the paper until you have 4 or 5 inches of unfolded paper left.

Trim one colour off and tape it so the accordion won’t unravel.

On another piece of card/paper cut out a heart shape. Using glue or tape, stick this to the back of the long strip to make your snake’s head.

Stick eyes and a tongue on to your snake’s head. We used googly eyes and a tongue cut out of card, and then drew a mouth on with black pen.

I also stuck 2 lolly sticks  on to the finished snakes so the kids could use them as puppets, and Jasmine drew eyelashes on hers because it is a girl snake!

Boys snakes Jasmine's snake

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Chinese New Year Crafts

Gung Xi Fa Cai to everyone 🙂

Today is Chinese New Year and 2013 is the year of the Snake.

This afternoons craft session was all inspired by this celebration.

We started off making Tangram pictures. A Tangram is a Chinese geometric puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces that can be arranged to make various other shapes. I printed out the colour Tangram and several picture silhouettes for us to have a go at from Activity Village. Jasmine and Thomas had a good go at these and, with help, managed to complete the pictures. We made a swan, a rocket, a rabbit, a dog and a boat.Tangram PicturesThen they both made up their own picture using the shapes. Well actually Jasmine made her own picture, Thomas told me what he wanted to make and then mostly let me do it! Jasmine’s (on the right) is a giraffe and Thomas’ is a spaceship

Tangram Pictures 2After the Tangram pictures we made very simple snake sock puppets. I got 3 old socks, cut out a tongue for each and stuck it on with glue stick. We then used googly eyes to complete the puppets. These have been very well played with this afternoon!Snake Sock PuppetFinally we made Chinese Paper Lanterns. I love making these and do them every year with the kids.

Take a piece of coloured card (I use A4 size) and mark out lines, approximately 2cm apart going across the width of the card. Fold the card in half, then unfold and score the marked lines carefully, leaving 3cm uncut top and bottom. Decorate, then add a handle to hang up your Chinese Lantern.Chinese Lanterns


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We had a very mischievous elf in the house again last night

Naughty Elf again!

But, as usual, to say sorry he brought us a present! Today he brought us some paper to make paperchains 🙂

Paperchains arriving


The kids loved making them 🙂

Making paperchains

Making paperchains












Thomas got really good at splitting the paper along the perforations 🙂 He had such amazing concentration when he was doing this.


then he put the last piece in place and…..

It is this long!I’ve just got to hang it up now! That can be done tomorrow when we put the Christmas Tree up 🙂

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A Messy Afternoon

I started writing our Christmas Cards this morning and discovered we didn’t have anywhere near enough. This provided me with just the excuse I needed to get the kids crafting!

So out came the cards, the paint and the Christmas themed sponges. I used plates for the paint so the kids could dip the sponges in easily, however after the first couple of cards I realised it would be more successful if they painted the sponge rather than just “splatting” it into the paint 😉

Sponge Painting Cards


We didn’t have many blank cards left (obviously a trip to the craft shop is needed!) and the kids were of the opinion that they hadn’t done enough painting, so they moved onto paper and they didn’t stop until we ran out of drying space!

A Messy AfternoonA Messy Afternoon 2

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Pomanders and a Sweet Treat

A few days ago a friend posted a link on Facebook showing how to make an Orange Pomander. I’ve not done these since I was at school so really wanted to give it a go with the kids. It is a brilliant, simple festive activity and they look and smell wonderful too!

All you need is an orange, whole cloves and ribbon.

I also used some plastic pins to hold the ribbon in place and for younger children you will need something to make holes in the orange for them to place the cloves in to. Even at 5 Thomas and Jasmine were getting frustrated at times as they couldn’t always push the cloves through the orange peel. I used one of the plastic pins to make holes for them but you could use a knitting needle or a toothpick.

Place the ribbon around the orange, using pins (or paper fasteners) to hold the ribbon in place. Leave enough ribbon at the top to make a hanging loop. Then fill the orange with the cloves.

Orange Pomanders

This evening I have been experimenting with boiled sweets and, after 3 failed attempts, made these

Boiled Sweet Decorations


For the small shapes I cut the sweets up but for the larger one I just used whole sweets. Place the sweets in a cookie cutter on a lined baking sheet and place in the oven until they have melted. You have to remove them from the oven as soon as they go soft or the sweet leaks out from underneath (as I discovered!) Once I had removed them from the oven I placed a drinking straw into the large one to make the hole. I had to hold it in place for a minute or 2, until the sweet had hardened enough to hold it in place. Once it has cooled thoroughly, remove from the cookie cutter and thread with ribbon (if required)

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Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

I don’t usually start Christmas this early, but for some reason this year I have been thinking and planning for a while already.

So when I saw this post on a friends blog I had to have a go at these cards with my kids!

Take some glue, some shaped cookie cutters, some blank cards and some glitter. Dip the cookie cutter in the glue, place on a blank card to leave a glue shape and cover with glitter..

I love the cards we made!

We did end up with quite a lot of glue and glitter left over on the trays! So we made some pictures by drizzling glue over A4 paper and sprinkling glitter over. The resulting pictures are really effective!

Our house is very sparkly this evening 😉

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Snowflake Wands and Scratch Art

Just a couple of photos of other stuff we’ve done over the last few days..

Snowflake Wands, made from a kit bought from Yellow Moon


and some Scratch Art, also bought from Yellow Moon


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