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In Photographs

We have had a really quiet day today and don’t seem to have done much. I mean, we’ve been busy all day, but just with”stuff”.

I took Ben to toddler group this morning and Gordon cleaned the rabbit hutch with a little help from Thomas and Jasmine, the kids played in the garden, Gordon and I sorted some stuff out, we played with the rabbits.

So because I can’t think of much to say here are some photographs I took.25th June Collage 1 25th June Collage 2 25th June Collage 3

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The Craziest Costume

The title of today’s post is because of this:Dressing up

So, who is your winner of the craziest costume? Personally, I think Jasmine is the clear winner, Halloween bat costume, reindeer hat and googly eye glasses.. yep, definitely crazy!

Once they’d done a spot of dressing up, Thomas got one of the Wipe Clean activity books out and asked for the pen. The other two soon joined in and we all spent some time sitting together writing and drawing.Wipe Clean BooksI love these books as they have loads of fun activities for the kids to do and can be used time and time again. The most used books are the Usborne dot-to-dot and mazes books, but we also have a few Priddy books and they all got used today. Ben particularly liked the Priddy Books “Things that go” with all its diggers and cars! He did some really great counting and pattern recognition.

After lunch we needed to go into town to do some shopping. I wanted to nip into WHSmiths quickly to get a magazine and while I did get it, we also got these because of course we need more Lego!Lego activity booksAfter dinner this evening the kids built their figures and we read the story from Thomas’ book – Big City Life.Lego FiguresThe two other important things for me to remember about today are the silkworms shed skin (they are huge now so I’m hoping it won’t be too long until they pupate) and Thomas went in the rabbit run and was really sensible amd stroked both rabbits.

All in all, a rather good day!


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Planting Weeds, Catching Flies and Building Ramps

We started today with a little bit of painting. Can you guess what we were painting? White paintingMore on that in a few days!

After a few coats of white paint had been applied we went out into the garden for the rest of the day.

Gordon wanted to finish the rabbit run today. It is very nearly finished with just one half of the roof still to do. We have been putting the rabbits in it and covering the half with no roof with a towel. Random, but it works!

Now the rabbits can get into the run we are trying to get them used to being handled again. We were told that they were friendly and used to being stroked, but they hadn’t been handled much over the winter, but we have found them very nervous. Gordon has been in the run a couple of times, just sitting and letting the rabbits come to him when they felt comfortable and today we let Jasmine go in as well.

We have agreed that until they are happy to be stroked we are only going to let Jasmine go in with them. The boys are too excitable and I know they would scare the rabbits if we let them go in, which in turn may lead to the rabbits scratching or even biting. Jasmine is very calm and happy to sit and watch. It paid off today and she got to stroke both Star and Chocolate! She was over the moon!Jasmine with the rabbitsI know this is a little unfair on the boys so we do make sure they get to stroke one of the rabbits occasionally whilst Gordon is moving them from the run to the hutch.

Once the rabbit encounter was finished I started some weeding in the veg border and Thomas came over to help me. Very soon I had both boys and they were happily pulling up weeds, and doing a really good job too! Eventually though they wanted to plant something. I suggested they could plant some of the weeds in their mud patch but they didn’t want to do this, they wanted pots to plant in. So we got them a couple of pots and all 3 kids chose a weed to plant!

I was also pulling up Nasturtiums that have grown from last years seeds and moving them to the wall baskets and the other border. As there were several plants that needed moving Jasmine and Ben got one of these each as well. Thomas chose not to have a Nasturtium because he “only wants weeds”!

The kids all filled their own plant pots with compost and planted their chosen plants. They watered them and placed them in the sun to grow.Planting weedsWhile I carried on weeding the kids all moved off to play.

Jasmine went over to the mud kitchen and busied herself catching flies in jam jars as usual! She has also made herself a little garden in a seed tray and any worm, centipede, ant or such like that she catches gets moved in here! Most of her bugs don’t stay for long but I think some of the worms stay and today she also found two spiders had moved in!Jasmine's bug homesThe boys got out some old draining pipes and cars and made ramps for the cars to speed down. The draining pipe was also used as a seesaw and a balance beam, but mostly it was used for cars!Boys rampAnd that was our day today. Making the most of the garden while the dry weather remains.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Hama Beads and DIY

Since we got the rabbits the kids are very keen to get dressed in the morning. They love coming out and helping me give Chocolate and Star their fresh food, water and hay, and they usually add a few dandelion leaves to the hutch as well! Its a good job the garden is full of them! We’ve been using this time to handle the rabbits as well as they are still quite nervous, which makes the kids even keener to help!Watching the rabbitsOnce all animal duties had been completed this morning we got Hama Beads out. Jasmine has been asking to do Hama Beads for a few days but we’ve been out and about quite a lot so we hadn’t managed to get them out. Today we had no plans to go anywhere other then B&Q after lunch, so we had the whole morning to design and create.

I joined in with the kids today and made my own Hama picture. I am hoping that if they see me doing this it will develop their own ideas about what they can design. I explained what I was doing and Thomas said he wanted to make a Lightning McQueen picture. He started off using the red, but didn’t really understand what to do. He actually ended up making a rather brilliant red square with the letters T and J in – and I even let him use my glow-in-the-dark beads for the letters! He worked really methodically, putting the beads in line by line and making the letter shape with no help at all.

Jasmine began using the flower peg board and designed a pretty flower. She then also wanted to use a square board to “write letters”, although I am pretty certain this was because she knew I’d let her do the letters in glow-in-the-dark beads! She made a square with a patterned border and flowers dotted around the inside.

Ben did really well with the Maxi beads today. It is only the last 2 times we’ve done Hama Beads that he has really shown an interest in competing a design. Today he did 3 boards entirely by himself! He sat for ages placing beads on the peg boards, talking about colours and what he was making. It is lovely that he joins in with us now, and makes Hama Beading a lot easier knowing he won’t tip them all over the floor when he has had enough!Hama Beads 31May Maxi Hama Beads 31MayThis afternoon we did go to B&Q. We are currently decorating Ben’s bedroom as part of a competition (more on that in a day or 2!) so we needed wood and a few other bits. Once we got back Jasmine and Ben went into the garden and started a bug hunt and Thomas went to help Gordon do some plastering upstairs. He has helped a couple of times now and is getting quite good at it!PlasteringOnce he’d finished he joined the others in the garden and they spent the rest of the day digging in their mud, looking for worms and other bugs and collecting them in seed tray gardens!Bug Hunting




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Introducing Chocolate and Star

RabbitsAren’t they gorgeous!

This is what happens when we go to a Country Fayre and stroke some gorgeous rabbits, then a few weeks later see some for sale locally!

They are Mini Rex sisters, around a year old. They’ve been a bit nervous today so we’ve left them to settle in to their new home but I gave them some carrot this evening and they let me stroke them, so I think they’re happy! 


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