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1 Minute Easter Chick

1 minute Easter chick


You will need:

2 pompoms, big one for the body and smaller one for the head
2 Googly eyes, small
Craft foam
PVA Glue

Glue the 2 pompoms together. Stick 2 googly eyes to the head. Cut a small triangle from craft foam; this is the beak. Glue this in place under the eyes.

It really is as simple as that! You could try using different things to add wings (I couldn’t find anything that looked right!), or make different animals.. the possibilities are endless 🙂

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Scissors for Small Ones

When my twins were smaller I was so very, very paranoid about them using scissors. I was convinced they would hurt themselves and/or each other, so it wasn’t until they had been at Pre School for a few months (where they had free access to all things “junk modelling”) that I was brave enough to allow them free-ish access  to scissors at home (while I watched them like a hawk and removed them at the first sign of trouble!)

Ben, on the other hand, has had access to scissors for ages and he is just 2 years 9 months old! His older brother and sister now have totally free access to scissors (they are supposed to tell me they are getting them out!) so inevitably Ben also has easy access to them. He loves to “cut” and “snip” and is actually really good now.. much better than Thomas and Jasmine at the same age!

Yesterday he asked me if he could “do cutting”. I was in the kitchen baking a cake at the time so I almost said No. But I didn’t. Instead I got a garden gravel tray (invaluable household item for kids crafting!), put a selection of paper and boxes on it along with 3 different pairs of scissors. I placed this by the kitchen doorway and there he sat happily cutting away while I baked the cake and kept half an eye on him. He was happy, I was happy, and Thomas and Jasmine were happy because he wasn’t upstairs destroying the intricate Lego models they’d spent the day building 🙂

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