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The Adventures of Elf Pepper – Week 3

Our Elf has had a fairly quiet week this week because 4 out of the 5 of us have been poorly. He has still been up to a little bit of mischief though, and brought us some good things to do to keep us occupied in our sick house!

On Sunday 16th December he rode round the house on Rudolph!

On Monday he made the kids a Christmas Card, and seems to have got himself covered in stickers!

Elf Pepper covered in stickers
On Tuesday he thought he’d have a go at Bungee-ing from the tinsel on one of the ceiling lights!

Bungee Elf!
On Wednesday 19th December Elf Pepper brought a letter from Santa for each of the children.

Letters from Santa
On Thursday I was very poorly and tucked up in bed at 8pm. Elf Pepper got the toy medicine kit out and was checking Teddy over to make sure he hadn’t joined in with the rest of the house and got a nasty bug, but he forgot to take a photo 😉

On Friday he left us the ingredients and instructions on how to make Magic Reindeer Food

On Saturday I was poorly again and back in bed at 8pm. This time Elf Pepper made an amazing Duplo construction, complete with crane lift, to help him scale the Christmas Tree! He even remembered to take a photo 🙂

Amazing Climbing Elf!


and finally, tonight Elf Pepper has set the little Christmas Tree up in the middle of the room with some of his friends and left presents as a Thank You for looking after him so well. He has also made a Memory Book for us (not quite finished as the printer ran out of ink!) and left out his Report card to remind us to fill it in!

Elf Peppers Leaving Gift

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Magic Reindeer Food

It is time to make Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve!

My (child friendly) Recipe:

3 big spoons Oats (any porridge oats will do)

2 small spoons Magic Sprinkles (edible sugar sprinkles/edible glitter – please use edible so the birds don’t eat anything that isn’t good for them)

2 small spoons Special Elf Flying Powder (desiccated coconut)

1 small spoon Reindeer Speedy Boost Powder (mix of spices)

I have placed the ingredients in separate bowls and left them out on the table with this Magic Reindeer Food guide for the kids to follow in the morning.

They also have this picture, printed wallet print sized on card, to stick to their finished bags of Reindeer Food.

Reindeer Food Label

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The Adventures of Elf Pepper – Week 2

Elf Pepper has been very busy, and very mischievous since my previous “adventures” blog post.

On Saturday 8th December he unravelled a ball of wool all over the dining room and then hid on top of the curtains!

Saturday 8th December

On Sunday 9th December he hid from us, but left a note to help us find him

Hiding in the house

Note from Elf Pepper

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                On Monday he sneaked upstairs and put all Jasmine’s pants in Thomas’ drawer and vice versa (No photos of this one!)

On Monday night he put the tree up for us so we could decorate it on Tuesday morning

Christmas Tree ready to decorate

On Tuesday he enjoyed a game of dominoes with some friends


On Wednesday he “decorated” the Christmas Tree with underwear!

Elf "decorated" Tree!

On Thursday he left us a great activity to do

Cotton Wool Snowman

On Friday he brought an Imaginext Advent Calender as a treat

A Present from Elf Pepper

Finally, on Saturday he had a quiet night and sat reading a book with a snack and a little friend

Elf Pepper having a quiet night

We currently have 2 poorly children here, so I have a feeling Elf Pepper will be having a quiet day or 2 now … but you never know 😉

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Cotton Wool Snowman

Elf Pepper left us a fantastic activity to do this morning 😉

Cotton Wool SnowmanOn some black paper I (um, the elf!) drew 2 circles to make a snowman shape. I used a side plate and a bowl (I used A3 paper)  but you can do any size to suit. I also pre-cut all the shapes out of felt to make it easier and quicker for the kids in the morning.

They were very keen to get started!

First they covered the snowman shape in PVA glue and stuck cotton wool balls all over.

Snowman 1

Then they stuck on some googly eyes, the pre cut felt shapes (hat, scarf, nose and mouth), pompoms for buttons, and pipe cleaners for arms.

Snowman 2


And they finished off with a “little” glitter!!

Snowman 4

Snowman 3










The finished Snowmen

Snowman by Jasmine

Snowman by Jasmine

Snowman by Thomas

Snowman by Thomas




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Putting up the Tree

The Christmas Tree is up and Christmas has fully arrived in our house!

The Elf put it up on Monday night and Daddy did the lights (only grown ups are allowed to do the lights!), but the baubles were left out for the kids to do when they woke up on Tuesday

Christmas Tree ready to decorate

Christmas Tree ready to decorate

Adding the baubles

Adding the baubles












Decorating the tree

Adding the baubles

Putting the Star on top

and the Star on top














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We had a very mischievous elf in the house again last night

Naughty Elf again!

But, as usual, to say sorry he brought us a present! Today he brought us some paper to make paperchains 🙂

Paperchains arriving


The kids loved making them 🙂

Making paperchains

Making paperchains












Thomas got really good at splitting the paper along the perforations 🙂 He had such amazing concentration when he was doing this.


then he put the last piece in place and…..

It is this long!I’ve just got to hang it up now! That can be done tomorrow when we put the Christmas Tree up 🙂

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The Adventures of Elf Pepper – Week One

On Monday morning we found he was having a Tea Party with his friends

Tea PartyOn Tuesday he stayed up all night watching TV and eating snacks

Tired Elfand in the afternoon he was very naughty and did this in the bathroom

Mischief in the bathroomOn Wednesday he brought us a recipe for yummy biscuits

Biscuit recipeon Thursday morning he had made us some gingerbread biscuits and made a Snow Elf in the flour

Snow Elfand tonight he is zipping across the room on some wire and taking down all T&J’s birthday cards and putting up Christmas cards instead

Zip Wire Elf


Our Christmas Elf is a real mischief, but such fun 😉





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A Day of Play with Elf Pepper

Today has been all about play. The kids have played with Lego, marble run, trains, cars, dinosaurs and much more. Most of their play was self chosen, however some was chosen by Elf Pepper!

Jasmine asked me to blow up the new dinosaur play mat this morning, then wandered off. Elf Pepper felt sorry for me as it takes a lot of blowing up, so he played with it on his own for a while until the kids reappeared and were amazed to find him there!  They then played with it happily… and my time and air was not wasted after all 😉

Dinosaur playAt one point Elf Pepper went missing and we had to search high and low for him.

Searching for Elf PepperWe found him safe and sound in the end, upstairs playing with the Lego!

Then just before dinner, Elf Pepepr thought it would be nice to have some cakes for pudding so he mixed cornflakes with melted chocolate and we all made Cornflake Cakes. Yum yum 🙂

Thomas making Cornflakes CakesJasmine making Cornflake Cakes


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Magnetic Construction & Playing With Ice

We awoke this morning to find our Christmas Elf, Pepper, was trying to make us pancakes for breakfast! Really all he had done was make a big mess in the kitchen, but nobody minded because we all love pancakes 😉

Pepper making pancakes


Magnetic Construction

At the Fayre yesterday we bought a large bag of magnetic construction bars and balls (mostly Geomag but some other brand was included). Thomas spent a lot of time playing with this today. He experimented with how much he could lift together before it got too heavy, he made several different shapes, he wandered round the room with one bar and found magnetic objects it would stick to, he talked about “repelling”  and “attracting” and lots more! It kept him occupied for ages!

Magnetic Construction



Both Thomas and Jasmine spent some time in the garden “helping” clear one our veg patches. Before they really began to help however they discovered some ice had formed in a wooden barrel we have lying around so they played with that instead!

Playing with Ice


Playing with Ice


Watching the ice melt


This evening we have set up an experiment outside to see if we can make more ice. We have 3 pots of water, one with only a little bit of water in, one with a lot of water in and one with a lot of water in and with a lid on. We are going to find out which, if any, freeze and which don’t. I suggested this experiment to them earlier today when it was really cold…. I’ve just been outside now and it is raining so this may not work 😉 Maybe I should have checked the weather report first!

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Welcome Elf Pepper

This morning when we came downstairs the children were surprised to find a parcel for them in the living room:

A Parcel from the North Pole

A Christmas Elf had mysteriously been delivered while we all slept!

Welcome Elf Pepper Jollybells Winters 🙂

Elf Pepper Jollybells Winters

Elf Pepper arrived with his passport, an introductory letter, an Elf report card so we can report back to Father Christmas about his behaviour (because elves can be a bit naughty you know!), 3 behaviour charts for the children, and 3 chocolate coins to pay for his board.

Elf Pepper's paperwork

He also brought the children an advent calendar each 🙂

Jasmine took Elf Pepper to Gymnastics with her this morning and while they were gone the boys and I made him a bed (obviously he will need somewhere to sleep as he is staying with us until December 24th).

We used the box he arrived in and covered it with Christmas wrapping paper. The boys then used felt tip to decorate 2 pieces of fabric, one for a sleeping bag and one for a pillow. I sewed these up and Elf Pepper was quite happy 🙂

Elf Pepper's Bed

While we were out at a Christmas Fayre this afternoon Elf Pepper drew the children a picture and ate a piece of bread! I wonder what he will get up to tonight? As this is the first time we have been visited by a Christmas Elf, anything is possible 😉

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