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Painting in the garden

Following on from Thursday when we painted handprint caterpillars at Twins Club, today we got the paints out at home to create some more animals, flowers and general art work.

I wanted each of the kids to have their own art space so I got the easel out for Thomas and Jasmine, and used the tuff spot for Ben. This was important because I wanted to see what the big two would do and they were keen to actually paint something, whereas Ben is still in the “paint everything one colour then smear round with hands” stage, and he usually does this all over their work.

I set out the paints and a selection of brushes, sponges and old toothbrushes to paint with. The kids loved the idea of painting with toothbrushes and a lot of the first paintings were done using these. Ben had a wonderful time with the orange and black paint and some toothbrushes! Thomas painted a sunflower growing in a garden and Jasmine painted some flowers and a person.Painting 1aOnce they had all filled one piece of paper I mentioned painting with their hands. Ben got stuck right in and was soon covered in black paint! He did lots of handprints in different colours. Thomas added a handprint spider to his sunflower painting and then painted more bugs on a new sheet. I showed him how to paint a handprint butterfly and he also did some worms and another spider. Jasmine created lots of multicoloured hand-angels and she did her own butterfly, which I was very impressed with as she did it with no help from me.Painting 2When they started painting with their hands I had filled the sandpit lid with water so the could rinse the paint off when they wanted to use different colours. Both boys, but especially Ben, had just as much fun washing their hands as they did painting!

Finally, for their last painting of the day I added shaving foam as an option. I gave them all a tupperware container with some in and showed them how to mix some paint into it. None of the kids have ever been keen on using shaving foam in their messy play so I was interested to see how they would work with it. Having already had paint on their hands I was hoping this would encourage them to get the foam on their hands as well.

They all started off using the brushes and sponges to paint it on to the paper but Ben soon got his hands involved and was happily hand printing with the foamy painty mixture. This encouraged Thomas and he joined in, creating some wonderful “fireworks” on his paper.Painting 3Then, just as I was getting the boys clean and starting to tidy bits away, I turned round and Jasmine had covered her hands in the shaving foamy paint as well! This is a big thing for Jasmine and she always takes a long time to come round to getting her hands really messy (which is strange because she is quite happy to play in mud all day!)Painting 4All in all, we had a very successful painting session today. Now, I just need to find somewhere to display all the pictures!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Handprint Caterpillar Craft

I saw this idea on Facebook a few days ago and really wanted to try it, so this was our craft table activity at Twins Club today.Handprint Caterpillar

You will need:

  • paper
  • paint
  • small circle stamp (a bottle lid or similar)
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • black pen

Paint the palm of your hand with the chosen colour for the body of your caterpillar and your fingers another colour for the legs. Print a line of hand prints along the paper to form the body and legs of the caterpillar. Make sure the prints are touching or overlapping. We did three prints, but you can do as many as you want.

Use the circle stamp/bottle lid to print a head at one end. Once the paint has dried add a nose and antennae and glue on some googly eyes.




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Busy Wednesdays

Wednesday is our busy day of the week. I try and make sure we have an easy, relaxing morning because after lunch we go to our Home Education group, have dinner with Caterpillar Tales, and then Jasmine goes to Rainbows with Caterpillar Tales’ Rabbit.

So today our relaxing morning involved Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Lego. Oh, and helping Daddy to move the pond!

We are going to pick up some tadpoles from a friends pond tomorrow so our little area will be almost complete!

This afternoon at Home Education Group, we painted, modelled and glittered, played football and catch, washed a toy car by throwing water over it, climbed and slid, found some eggs in a nest (sadly, probably abandoned as we saw no mummy or daddy bird nearby), picked dandelions, made new friends, collected snails and ants, discovered that sand sticks to snail slime, put feathers in our hair and generally enjoyed being outdoors.

And at Rainbows this evening I got Jasmine her tabard so she looks all official now!

Jasmine in her Rainbow Tabard

Wednesday is a busy day for us, but because we get to spend the afternoon with some really lovely people, Wednesday is actually my favourite day at the moment 🙂

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Painting Rocks and Playing with Friends

Another day of sunshine and another day outdoors.

(I’m getting a little worried that you will be bored of me writing about lovely weather and playing outside soon!)

This morning the kids spent a lot of time playing “Star Wars”, which seemed to involve them running around pretending to be various different characters, visiting different planets in the Galaxy. Jasmine even drew a map on a piece of paper so they knew where they were going!

After running around the house a few times, they moved into the garden and continued the game outside.

When “Star Wars” had ended they came asking for something else to do so I suggested we start painting some of the rocks we collected from the beach last week.

I gave them gold, green and pink paint (gold because Jasmine asked for it and green and pink because they were on the top of the paint box!) and they choose the rocks they wanted and started painting.

Rock Painting

The rock painting will be an ongoing project I think!

This afternoon we met up with some other home educating families in a local park. The kids had a great time playing with their friends while us adults chatted (or tried to while keeping half an eye on the small ones!) One of the mums had brought along some bubbles so she was centre of attention for quite a long time! Bubbles are a definite winner every time!

Jasmine also managed to fit in some bug hunting while we were there. She found a beetle, lots of ants and an earwig. The earwig was very exciting because it is the first one she had caught this year!

Then it was back to Caterpillar Tales house for a quick pizza dinner before the girls headed off to Rainbows again.

It has been another busy Wednesday, but we had a really nice time in the park and Jasmine is loving Rainbows so (apart from one major meltdown from Ben when he suddenly realised he was hot, tired and hungry after leaving the park) it has been a good day!





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Playdough Cakes

This morning we got the playdough out. I usually just dump all the cutters and bits in the middle and let the kids dig in but today I thought I would try something different.

I gave them muffin cases, happy birthday cake decorations, candles, number and letter cutters and some glitter stars and they made playdough cakes. We even lit the candles at one point and then blew them out!

After a while the kids asked for the plasticine as well and spent some time making models with this.

Notice no cakes were made with the plasticine though. The kids still find plasticine hard to work with so even though they ask for it, they don’t actually do much with it. Well, except Jasmine. Today she did quite a bit of modelling with both the playdough and the plasticine. Thomas managed to roll some plasticine flat (with a lot of encouragement) and used the cutters to make the word “no”, before moving back to the playdough.

The kids did enjoy making playdough cakes today, and it was nice to do something different, but it actually didn’t keep them as occupied as I expected. Next time I’ll probably start with a themed idea, but make sure I include all our usual stuff as well so they can mix and match as they choose.

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Compound Words, Marble Run and Treasure Hunts

Today has been all about compound words, cardboard tube marble runs and treasure hunts.

This morning after a couple of hours of Lego building, Thomas went on Reading Eggs. His lesson included a game introducing compound words and both Thomas and Jasmine have been experimenting with these all day since! They really got the hang of it and at dinner time alone they came up with sun+rise, water+melon, sun+flower, ear+ring, card+board, butter+fly, lady+bird, back+pack, foot+ball, black+berry, straw+berry (and several more on this theme!), snow+man, and definitely many more that I can’t remember now! I think tomorrow we’ll play some compound word games as they really did like exploring this new idea.

This afternoon we hosted a small Home Education group meeting at our house. I say small because there was only 2 other families that could make it today, but there was still 9 children here in total!

The plan for today’s group was to make a cardboard tube marble run. I saw the idea here on An Ordinary Life, a fabulous, inspirational Home Ed blog. I showed Thomas and Jasmine and they were really keen to try it themselves. So today I found a large selection of cardboard tubes, dug out the masking tape and this is what we all made

Marble Run

The only place I could think to build it was on our patio doors so this photo is taken from outside, looking in with the curtain closed! This was the only way we could get a good photo!

The kids all enjoyed building this and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. It is definitely an activity we’ll be doing again.

Once all our friends had gone home Thomas found the arrows I had used for the Easter Egg hunt in the garden on Sunday. He started making treasure trails through the house for Daddy to follow, and he even drew some more arrows to make the trails longer.

Follow the arrows

 At the end of the trail was always Daddy’s motorbike gloves!

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Felt Easter Eggs

I love working with felt; it is really easy to think of simple felt craft ideas for any occasion. So, for Easter we have made Felt Easter Eggs!

Felt Easter Eggs

You will need:

Glitter Glue or Fabric Paint
Toy Stuffing

Cut out 2 egg shapes from the felt. Decorate the shapes. We used glitter glue because the kids love it, but fabric paint will work just as well. We also added some sparkles/sequins to the eggs for a bit more decoration.

When the glitter glue/fabric paint has dried sew the 2 sides of the egg together, leaving a small gap through which you can stuff the egg. Once stuffed, sew the gap closed.

An important note here is that it has taken almost 3 days for the glitter glue to dry fully on our eggs, so don’t expect to sew on the same day as you decorate!

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1 Minute Easter Chick

1 minute Easter chick


You will need:

2 pompoms, big one for the body and smaller one for the head
2 Googly eyes, small
Craft foam
PVA Glue

Glue the 2 pompoms together. Stick 2 googly eyes to the head. Cut a small triangle from craft foam; this is the beak. Glue this in place under the eyes.

It really is as simple as that! You could try using different things to add wings (I couldn’t find anything that looked right!), or make different animals.. the possibilities are endless 🙂

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A Sunday Craft Project

Following on from yesterday’s Kwazii puppets, this is what we’ve been working on today 🙂

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When twins are poorly, use Cbeebies!

Jasmine is still poorly today, and Thomas also seems to be coming down with something now as well. Both have had high temperatures and Jasmine spent a few hours in bed this afternoon drifting in and out of sleep. It seems to have done her the world of good though as she managed to eat more at dinner this evening than she has done in all her meals put together since Thursday!

So today we’ve had moments of quiet alongside moments of wanting stuff to do today. This morning I wandered into the living room to find all 3 kids sitting at the table drawing really nicely together. DrawingThey were all drawing Kwazii from The Octonauts!

They have been asking to make this Kwazii puppet since they saw it on CBeebies a few days ago and because it is a craft that can be done a bit at a time it was perfect for today. We painted the paper plates this morning and then gradually throughout the day all 3 kids finished their puppet.

They are all very pleased with their finished puppet, and of course now they want Peso and Captain Barnacles puppets as well! Luckily we have plenty of paper plates!

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