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Easter Egg Trail at Box Hill

Today we went to Box Hill to complete our second Cadbury/National Trust Easter Egg Trail.

We have been to Box Hill many times before and all love it there. We especially love the Natural Play Trail, and it is along here that the egg trail is done.

We went fully expecting it to be muddy today so all dressed appropriately, and I am so glad we did! It was even muddier than I expected! My kids love a bit of mud though, so they had a great time!

After the trail was completed and we’d collected our eggs and had a picnic lunch, we went over the Old Fort to blow bubbles and roll down the hill a few times!

If you are local and you’ve never been, you really should go to Box Hill. There are several walks to do, as well as open space to just play and explore. We were there for over 4 hours today and could have stayed for much longer. Every time we go I say we’ll do the Stepping Stones Walk next time, but we’ve still not done it because we gravitate towards the Natural Play Trail. One day, soon, we WILL do the Stepping Stones Walk. We will!

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Easter Themed Hama Beads

This afternoon I got the Easter Egg Hama peg boards and pastel beads out and this is what Thomas and Jasmine made

Thomas’ is lovely and colourful and I was really impressed with Jasmine doing the stripes. I helped her pick the colours out of the tub but she designed and made it all by herself.

Once I had ironed these I made an Easter Basket

Easter Basket Hama Design

While I was making the basket, Jasmine got the small butterfly peg board out and made this

Butterfly by Jasmine

Again, this is entirely her own design, made with no help at all. Well, apart from help picking out yellow beads towards the end when she got tired of looking for them! I’m amazed how she has suddenly become able to do designs like this by herself! She has come so far in such a short space of time.

Thomas made a Killer Whale and a slide out of Maxi Beads

and Ben made a Maxi Bead Aeroplane. He chose the colours he wanted to use and did almost all of it by himself (he had some help placing the window). He has also done really well recently with the Hama Beads. A few months ago he would just fill part of a board and then take the beads off again, repeatedly! Now he will happily sit and complete one, if not two designs at a time with the Maxi Beads.

Maxi Aeroplane by Ben

I asked the kids if they would like to leave their designs out for the Easter Bunny tonight and see if he left anything for them in return. They decided not to do that though as they were worried the Bunny might take their designs and they want to hang them up!

We love Easter and the Easter Bunny, but it seems the kids love their Hama Beads more!!

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Easter Egg Trail at Polesdon Lacey

This afternoon we went to Polesdon Lacey to do the Cadbury/National Trust Easter Egg Trail.

We’ve done these for the last 2 years and it has become a family tradition now! In previous years we’ve been to Morden Hall Park and Box Hill so this year we thought we’d find a new one to try. We have been to Polesdon Lacey once before and the kids had a really good time. There is lots of open space to run round, a natural playground to explore and beautiful scenery all round.

Once we’d worked out the password and collected our egg, we did some more playing and exploring.

We had a great time doing the trail at Polesdon Lacey. We’re off to Box Hill on Monday because we love the Cadbury/National Trust Easter Egg Trails so much!

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Decorated Eggs

Following on from this post, the second activity we did today from the Usborne Little Book of Easter Activities was decorating eggs. This activity was one the kids could definitely do and they loved it!

To do this you start with some hard boiled eggs. Decorate the eggs by drawing patterns on the shell with wax crayons or pressing small stickers (shiny ones work best) onto it – or both!.

Once you are happy with your design place three or four teaspoons of food colouring into a glass and then top it up to half full with water. Put the egg into the glass and leave for around 10 minutes. Using a spoon, turn the egg over occasionally to colour it all over. When the egg is brightly coloured, lift it out of the glass and place on a paper towel to dry. Once the egg is dry peel off any stickers.

Decorated Eggs

The kids have been admiring their finished eggs all day! They also want to crack them open to eat, but I think they look to nice for that! What do you think? Should we have decorated eggs for breakfast tomorrow?

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Easter Fudge

Today we have had a full on Easter craft day! Alongside making our Easter Bonnets I got my wonderful Usborne Little Book of Easter Activities out and chose 2 activities; one for the kids to do, one for me to do.

For me, I chose Easter Fudge.

While the recipe is in a book designed to be for children, I wouldn’t say this recipe is child-friendly as it involves using a hob. I don’t know at what age I will consider it OK for the kids to get close to a hot hob, but it is not yet!

It is, however, a very simple recipe and makes delicious fudge!

IngredientsEaster Fudge

450g (1lb) icing sugar
100g (4oz) white marshmallows
2 tbsp milk
100g (4oz) unsalted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
yellow food colouriing

shallow 18cm (7in) square cake tin


1. Using a paper towel, wipe some oil onto the sides and bottom of the cake tin. Line the bottom with greaseproof paper and wipe oil over this as well.

2. Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl.

3. Cut the marshmallows in half and put them in a small pan. Add the milk, butter and vanilla essence.

4. Gently heat the pan. Stir the mixture every now and then with a wooden spoon until everything has melted.

5. Pour the mixture into the icing sugar. Beat everything together until it is smooth then mix in the food colouring.

6. Put the fudge into the tin and push it into the corners. Gently agitate the tin to smooth the top of the fudge.

7. When the fudge is cool enough put it into the fridge for around three hours to go firm.

8. Once firm, loosen the edges of the fudge with a blunt knife, then turn it out onto a chopping board. Remove the paper.

9. Cut the fudge into pieces. Put the pieces in an airtight container in the fridge for a further hour to harden.

Note: If you want to make pink fudge, use pink marshmallows and add pink or red food colouring.

Eat and Enjoy 🙂

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Felt Easter Eggs

I love working with felt; it is really easy to think of simple felt craft ideas for any occasion. So, for Easter we have made Felt Easter Eggs!

Felt Easter Eggs

You will need:

Glitter Glue or Fabric Paint
Toy Stuffing

Cut out 2 egg shapes from the felt. Decorate the shapes. We used glitter glue because the kids love it, but fabric paint will work just as well. We also added some sparkles/sequins to the eggs for a bit more decoration.

When the glitter glue/fabric paint has dried sew the 2 sides of the egg together, leaving a small gap through which you can stuff the egg. Once stuffed, sew the gap closed.

An important note here is that it has taken almost 3 days for the glitter glue to dry fully on our eggs, so don’t expect to sew on the same day as you decorate!

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1 Minute Easter Chick

1 minute Easter chick


You will need:

2 pompoms, big one for the body and smaller one for the head
2 Googly eyes, small
Craft foam
PVA Glue

Glue the 2 pompoms together. Stick 2 googly eyes to the head. Cut a small triangle from craft foam; this is the beak. Glue this in place under the eyes.

It really is as simple as that! You could try using different things to add wings (I couldn’t find anything that looked right!), or make different animals.. the possibilities are endless 🙂

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Pompom Easter Chick Craft

Jasmine asked me this morning if she could “make a chick out of wool?”

Pompom chicks.. perfect Spring/Easter craft! All we managed to do today was make the pompoms and this evening I have cut out all the “chick” bits so the kids will get to make theirs tomorrow.

Here is what to do.

You will need:

  • Wool
  • Cardboard
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt
  • Craft feathers

Start by cutting out 4 circles from your card, two approx 8cm and two 5cm. Cut a 10p sized hole in the middle of your cut circles. These are the templates for the pompoms.

Place the two larger discs together and wind wool around until the hole is almost full. Cut through the wool around the outer edge and tie inbetween the cardboard discs with a length of wool. Pull the cardboard discs away. Repeat for the smaller discs.

Join the pompoms together with more wool tied first to the larger pompom and then round the smaller one.

Cut a beak and feet shapes from felt and glue these on to your chick, along with googly eyes. Glue a couple of feathers in each side for wings.

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