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Some Maths, Some English, Some Science and Some Other Stuff

If you’d asked me an hour ago what we had done over the last couple of days I would have said not much really, a bit of playing, a bit of learning. Then I actually thought about it. We have done LOADS!

Yesterday Jasmine and Thomas went on Education City (an online learning resource) and did some Literacy and Science. I had just moved Thomas up to Y1 science as he was getting frustrated with the games aimed at Reception – they are not what he considers to be “science”!!! It was definitely the right decision as he loved the Y1 games! He choose to do the ones all about Materials first, choosing the right material for a specific job based on its properties, sorting items based on materials properties and identifying what material items are made from. Then he moved on to one all about light sources. Both he and Jasmine had a great time playing these games, but I think they’ll be ready for more before long!

Later in the day I got the Unifix cubes out and we all had a good time counting and making patterns. Thomas did some skip counting on the 1-100 number square, covering all the odd numbers and they both started chanting 2,4,6,8,10! (They could both still do it this morning so it obviously stuck in their heads!) Then I showed them how to break a tower of 10 into two, to find 2 numbers that add up to make 10. We wrote all these down and Thomas then did the same for tower of 6. He wanted to write his findings down as well so I drew up a rather impromptu worksheet for him!

Last night I printed out “making 6” and “making 10” charts and filled them in a little more neatly than I’d managed earlier in the day so we can put them up on the wall (Thomas wants to see them every day!)

This morning I took Ben to our Toddler Group and Gordon stayed at home with the big 2. They started to make Lightsabers out of cardboard tubes and modelling balloons, until Gordon broke the balloon pump! That activity will be finished in a few days I imagine!

This afternoon Jasmine and Thomas did another lesson each on Reading Eggs and then some drawing with Squiglet (for any non-cbeebies viewers, Squiglet is a animated character who draws pictures that then come to life).  The game on the CBeebies website is really good and has a lot of different things you can “draw” with. Thomas was quite pleased with the spray paint, especially the one that does symmetrical drawing and he drew a lovely butterfly.

Lastly, just before dinner today I got some Letter stickers out and all 3 kids had a great time. Ben mostly looked for X and Z, but created a great letter picture made all the more special because he peeled ALL the stickers by himself! Jasmine and Thomas did some great word pictures with almost no help from me at all. They really just needed a couple of gentle reminders of some of the “rules” of spelling, and one or 2 carefully pronounced words (zebr-A rather than Zeb-r for example!)

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The gluestick is back .. and so is the computer

Today has been a day of 2 halves.

This morning we got the junk modelling out. I was back to 3 kids and a gluestick, cardboard boxes, sellotape, modelling foam, pipe cleaners, pompoms, stickers, cotton wool .. um, and probably more!

Thomas made a “structure” (his words) of trees, a house and grass and snow

Trees, a house, grass and snow

Ben did “cutting and sticking”

cutting and sticking

and Jasmine made several things including a snow picture, a egg box bubble catcher and 2 picture collages made with modelling foam

Sea, Sand and a Boat

Our finished models

Junk Modelling

This afternoon Jasmine asked to “do maths on the computer.” It is the first time in ages that one of them has wanted to do anything on the computer and I had given up asking them because I always got a straight “No” answer! She asked to do “purple maths, you know the one Mummy.” Actually, I didn’t have a clue! I put Education City on and she was happy with that!

I have to admit, I love the fact that they wanted to do some “learning” on the computer. I don’t do any formal work with them unless they ask and even though this is the choice I have made and I know it works for us all, I do sometimes start to feel guilty that I am not “teaching” them anything. It is a load of rubbish of course. They are still learning all the time through the world around them, the places we go, the books we read, the people we see, the toys they play with every day, but still I have these moments of guilt. So when she asked to go on the computer I could have jumped for joy!

She did some maths and science on Education City and did really well. My mind was put at ease to see she hadn’t forgotten everything she’d done previously. In fact, even without the computer “learning” for the last few months she had improved! She did some addition (with the help of the sorting bears), a coin recognition game, a game about today/tomorrow/yesterday, a floating/sinking game and a caterpillar/butterfly life-cycle game.

Maths on the computer

The sorting bears got everyone else’s attention (they all love the sorting bears), so once Jasmine had finished it was Thomas’ turn. I wasn’t surprised he had wanted to join in because I think it is him that started this “academic” phase in the 2 of them.. 4 days ago he decided he would read the bed time story to everyone! As with the computer, neither of them have shown an interest in reading for a few months, and then he picked up a book and read it! It took him a bit longer than it would have done a few months ago but he did it and he has wanted to read a book every day since! Today he did some maths, science and literacy on Education City, watched diligently by Ben.

Boys on the computer

And then it was Ben’s turn. Well, of course he wanted a turn. He has to do everything his brother and sister do! So first I got the animal counters out for him and we did some sorting and grouping. I discovered he could name red, blue, green and yellow! I know he can count to 10 but today he wasn’t interested in demonstrating this.. Oh well, I can’t have everything can I! Then I loaded a Numtums game on the CBeebies website and he loved that! His first ever game, just for him, on the computer!   The game involves lots of very short games all to do with the number you have chosen and there is lots of repetition. As I chose the “play with an adult” option all Ben had to do was press the spacebar, which was perfect for him. He loved it! We selected the number 3  and after a while I asked him what number we were looking for…….. wait for it…… “um, six mummy!” He does love the number 6. I think it is because it is Percy’s number (from Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy being his favourite engine!) Ah well, maybe I should get the corresponding Engine to show him next time and see if that helps!

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