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Becoming a Friday Tradition

Friday afternoon is Forest School time for Jasmine and Thomas. Forest School is in Ham Common Woods so Ben and I go to Richmond Park while we are twin-less. Sometimes we go into Pembroke Lodge and enjoy a drink and a cake, but most of the time we go exploring.

Two weeks ago we found a huge rabbit warren under an oak tree and now Ben asks to go and see the rabbits every week!

Today was extra special for Ben because Gordon came with us as well, and Ben does love his daddy! He was super excited to show daddy where the rabbits live and where we sit and watch them!Rabbits 2Once we’d eaten snacks, watched the rabbits and fed a crow we started walking back up the hill. Ben wanted to do some bug hunting under logs so we walked from tree stump to log, carefully lifting them up to see what we could find.Bug huntingWe only found red ants, woodlice, an earwig and a couple of ground beetles today. But while Ben and Gordon were busy studying red ants I saw a flash of colour dart into some long grass. I didn’t get a very good look at it but was sure it was a bird and my first thought was a woodpecker or maybe a jay. As I watched I saw it move again so we decided to walk towards it and see if we could get a better look, but as we approached nothing moved so I started to think whatever it was had gone whilst I blinked! But then we saw it fly up and away into a tree. A green woodpecker! I was very excited! We watched it for a while with the binoculars but it was so well camouflaged in the tree it was difficult to spot when it moved.

It was almost time to go back to the car to collect Jasmine and Thomas but there was just one thing left to see. I had mentioned to Gordon, only an hour earlier, how I had never seen deer in the part of the park we were in. Well, of course that meant that today we saw three, sitting really close to the steps we walk down! Typical!Deer

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Easy Friday

Today has been a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

Jasmine and Thomas started back at Forest School this afternoon so I planned on a relaxing morning, doing nothing much.

We had a lazy start to the day (nothing new there!) and after breakfast Thomas got one of his Star Wars books again and wanted to read it with me. It was a level 1 book, “Ready, Set, Podrace!”, and he did really well with it. I am still amazed how much he is reading now, and very proud of him!

After we had read the book I remembered we had a birthday card to write so asked Jasmine to come and help me. I am a bad mummy.. Jasmine writes much neater than Thomas so I always get her to write any cards that need doing! I wrote the words on a piece of paper and she copied them into the card. She then got a piece of paper and said she needed to do more writing. I remembered that I had printed off some letter formation sheets ages ago but we’ve not used them yet, so I asked if she would like to do some of these. She did the letters a,b and c and then did some writing of her own. She really likes writing and is getting so good at it.. another proud mummy moment!

After lunch we headed off for Forest School. The one the twins go to is in Ham Common Woods and so after dropping them off Ben and I headed to Richmond Park for a drink and cake followed by a walk in the sunshine.

At Forest School today Jasmine and Thomas did some litter picking and planted Sunflower seeds. Thomas came out with 2 pots and when he saw how sad Ben was that he didn’t have one, Thomas gave Ben one of his!

My kids really are lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunflower seed pots

All I have to hope now is that they all grow and we can start our annual Sunflower race ๐Ÿ˜‰

(For those interested, Thomas won last year. His mega Sunflower grew to about 9 feet tall!)

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A Good Friday Afternoon

On Friday afternoons Thomas and Jasmine go to Forest School, run by Tree House Learning. They have been going since September last year and they love it! Today’s session was special for 2 reasons; Firstly because Gordon went with them, and secondly they got to use tools for the first time! And when I say tools, I mean real, full sized tools! They used a bow saw and cut logs, 2 children at a time; one to push and one to pull (although Thomas chose Gordon as his partner!)

When Jasmine wasn’t using the saw, she collected logs from around “Base Camp”, set them up around a tree and made some music!

Whilst the big ones were out, Ben and I did some water play. I got the gravel tray out and filled it with water and Octonauts! After a bit of play I added some bubbles in as well and he had great fun with this! He managed to blow bubbles himself for the first time today ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a good Friday afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

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