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An afternoon in the river

This afternoon we met up with our local home education group and went to a local park. Beddington Park is only a five minute drive from our house and we drive past it often. We have talked about going there often too, but for some reason we never have. So when it was mentioned as somewhere to go today I was quite pleased!

I was told there was a place in the river where the kids can paddle and fish. What a perfect activity! So I loaded us up with spare clothes and beach shoes for paddling in, but I was determined to get there on time so I forgot the fishing nets! Luckily someone else had remembered theirs!

We had a brilliant time! Somehow all 6 families arrived at almost exactly the same time so we all walked through the park together. The kids played in the sprinklers for a while, and enjoyed exploring the park with their friends.Beddington ParkBut the best part of the afternoon was the paddling! All 3 kids had been looking forward to going in the river so at the first opportunity they took their trainers and socks off, put beach shoes on and were straight in! Beddington Park 2I didn’t go in myself but apparently the water was very cold! Ben’s paddling adventure didn’t last long and he decided it was better to stay on dry land. But Thomas and Jasmine were so busy playing and exploring they didn’t notice the temperature.

Jasmine spent the entire time we were there fishing. She caught water louse and shrimp, lots of shrimp! Thomas did some shrimp catching too but he also had great fun wading over to a small island, walking down the river to help build a bridge with some of the other kids, splashing around. He got soaked and he loved it!Beddington Park 3For a large part of the afternoon Jasmine stayed close to the side of the river but she kept running out of shrimp to catch! I explained that if she stayed in the same place all the shrimp would run and hide so she would need to move and eventually she did venture further out. She even went on to the island in the end.

They had such a fantastic time I’m sure they would have stayed all day if it was possible!

But we couldn’t stay all day and so to coax them out of the water we got the bubble wands and bubble mixture out and blew some giant bubbles. Giant bubbles are great fun and I am sure all the adults enjoy them just as much as the kids. Well, I know I do!Beddington Park 4But then it was time for us to get dried off and walk back to the car because Jasmine goes to Rainbows on Wednesdays, meaning an early dinner is needed. We said goodbye to all our friends as they went to the cafe for ice cream and as I was packing all the wet clothes in a bag Thomas had a go on the rope swing. He hadn’t been on it all afternoon but as soon as everyone had left he was straight on! He did really well too. He is getting much more confident in his abilities and its really lovely to see.

The kids also found a great tree to explore on the way back to the car.Beddington Park 5Now I know how much fun there is to be had at Beddington Park we will definitely be going back. I still can’t believe I didn’t know what a wonderful place it is, and right on our doorstep!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Enjoying the Sunshine

I can’t say this too loudly for fear of tempting fate  but (whispering) we’ve had several days of sunshine now and it has been lovely. We’ve been spending almost all day outdoors, either in the garden or elsewhere.

Today we went to a friends house and spent the afternoon in their garden. Different garden, different toys, lovely friends. It kept the kids occupied and happy all afternoon!Different Garden, happy children


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Busy Wednesdays

Wednesday is our busy day of the week. I try and make sure we have an easy, relaxing morning because after lunch we go to our Home Education group, have dinner with Caterpillar Tales, and then Jasmine goes to Rainbows with Caterpillar Tales’ Rabbit.

So today our relaxing morning involved Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Lego. Oh, and helping Daddy to move the pond!

We are going to pick up some tadpoles from a friends pond tomorrow so our little area will be almost complete!

This afternoon at Home Education Group, we painted, modelled and glittered, played football and catch, washed a toy car by throwing water over it, climbed and slid, found some eggs in a nest (sadly, probably abandoned as we saw no mummy or daddy bird nearby), picked dandelions, made new friends, collected snails and ants, discovered that sand sticks to snail slime, put feathers in our hair and generally enjoyed being outdoors.

And at Rainbows this evening I got Jasmine her tabard so she looks all official now!

Jasmine in her Rainbow Tabard

Wednesday is a busy day for us, but because we get to spend the afternoon with some really lovely people, Wednesday is actually my favourite day at the moment 🙂

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