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Hottest day of the year

So today has been the hottest day of the year so far.

And it really has been hot. Too hot if I am honest.

This morning the kids wanted to do some sticker books and drawing so we all sat at the table and did some mazes, doodling and stickers.hot day 1This afternoon we went in the garden and used water to cool us down again!

We got the water slide out for the first time. The kids quite liked it but weren’t keen on using it as a slide, preferring to just run and splash around. It kept everyone cool though, so achieved the aim!hot day 2We also finally got ice today. I have completely failed to make any ice cubes yet but we really needed some today so I did the very lazy thing and bought some! Bought ice cubes.. frozen water. Can you believe it! I paid money for something I can do at home in seconds! But it was so hot we really needed some. This was proved by Ben, who enjoyed eating them!hot day 3And now it is raining. It is still boiling hot, but raining. I might go and stand in the garden for a while!

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Lots of water play

This afternoon we had our home education group meeting at our house. Being so hot (again) I put out lots of water for the kids to play in and with. We still had the paddling pool out and I put some water beads in the tuff spot. I also put out a large bowl of water and the water table. 18.07.13Jasmine spent a long time playing with the water beads while the boys found the water pistols in the shed and a water fight began! Actually mostly what it looked like was the kids against Gordon! They also squirted the slide and enjoyed sliding down a little faster on the “water slide”

We ended the day having dinner with Caterpillar Tales. Hot Dogs and Lego Star Wars on DVD. The perfect end to a great day!


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Fun at Magna Science Adventure Centre

Today we went to Magna Science Adventure Centre. We went for the first time in January (you can read about it here) and the entry ticket is valid for a year, so being back in Sheffield again the kids were keen to go.

When we got there we were told about the new exhibition, all about sound. We went to look round this first and had fun making different sounds with different instruments.Magna 1After the sound exhibition we went into the main centre and went into the Earth Pavilion. The kids had been talking about this for days and were really looking forward to using the diggers and blasting the rocks again! We spent a good 45 minutes working in the quarry!Magna 2After a picnic lunch outside, we went back in and had a look round the Water pavilion. This had changed slightly since we were there in January and they now have a water cycle display, which I thought was really good but I don’t think the kids even looked at! The kids had a great time playing in the water.Magna 3After indoor water play we headed outside to Aqua-Tek and Sci-Tek. These outdoor areas were closed in January so we had left plenty of time for the kids to play today.

Thomas went straight into Aqua-Tek and had a wonderful time splashing, running and jumping through the water and spraying water cannons. Ben went in for a few minutes but he had spotted a sand pit in Sci-Tek, so this is where he wanted to be! Jasmine didn’t want to get wet today so she played in the sand as well. Ben also explored some of the climbing frames and slides.Magna 4When Thomas had finished in Aqua-Tek we all went further down the playground in Sci-Tek and found more to explore. Even Gordon had a go at some of the climbing!Magna 5We had a great day at Magna again today, and especially liked the outdoors areas. I can see it becoming a regular place to visit when we are in Sheffield!

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Hot, hot, hot!

I think we can well and truly call this a heat wave. The thermometer registered 30 degrees Celsius in the house, in the shade and over 40 degrees Celsius in the sun outside! So once again, we’ve spent the day in the paddling pool. Well, it really is too hot to do anything else!Paddling PoolWe ended the day with a BBQ! The kids love BBQs, although really I think what they love is the idea of a BBQ as they never seem to eat much of the food cooked on one! They all much prefer the salad accompaniment!BBQWhilst we were sitting eating dinner we were visited by several birds, some in the apple tree and a female blackbird who landed only a few feet away and rather than fly off, decided we were OK and she hopped round eating her dinner!BirdsAnd then as we were going inside ready for the kids bedtime, Jasmine spotted this amongst the flower bed.GrasshopperA grasshopper! We were all very excited about seeing this in the garden!


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Paddling Pool

On a day like today, there really is only one option isn’t there..

Paddling Pool!Paddling Pool 1The boys did some brilliant jumping and splashing

Paddling Pool 2It really is the best way to spend a scorching hot afternoon in the garden!Paddling Pool 3

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Let Them Play

While Gordon and I have been busy redecorating Ben’s bedroom, the kids have been happily playing in the garden.

Yesterday morning while the last bits of plastering were being done I tried again with the paint-bombing. I got some great ideas from people leaving comments on here and on Facebook and I decided to try dropping them from the climbing frame. I also found a sports cap bottle that made filling the balloons much easier too, as the end of the balloon fitted nicely over the spout.Paint Bombs part 2We got better results doing it this way that we got on Saturday, but the kids aim still meant that a good few paint-bombs burst on the grass! Thomas was definitely the most accurate and the most successful and he burst most of the balloons himself in the end. I love the final art work we created and in fact I have used some of it in Ben’s new bedroom!

After paint-bombing I had a tray full of black paint that had leaked out when I was filling the balloons. Rather than waste it (or spend a long time trying to get it back in the paint bottle) I decided to use it for some feet painting down the garden. I unrolled some more lining paper as a “road” and the kids stepped into the tray of paint and onto the road! I had also placed a bowl of water at the other end so when they had enough they could wash their feet.

When I initially mentioned painting with feet to Thomas he wasn’t sure at all. But he changed his mind as soon as he saw the piece of paper and the water at the end and was first in! Jasmine, who I did think might not join in at all, was straight in after Thomas, closely followed by Ben. They loved it, slipping round the paint tray and running round the paper leaving paint-y footprints. Of course, the paint being slippery meant that the boys fell in and didn’t just end up with paint-y feet!Paint RoadPoor Thomas did end up taking one tumble to many though and the activity ended with him in tears. Hopefully it hasn’t put him off and next time I will put the paint straight on the paper rather than inside a slippery plastic tray!

Today we spent the morning in the park with some local twin families. I love meeting up with other twin mums and I had a lovely chat while the kids played.

This afternoon they went in the garden again.

Jasmine began by finding a spider and insisted on catching it in a jar! Her bug obsession is getting bigger and bigger! I should be happy because it means she can now remove any spiders from near me when Gordon isn’t around, but when she comes and shows me a large spider I am not so keen!

I got the water table out for them this afternoon. I also filled up the top of the sandpit with water, coloured some water blue and put this in a bowl and put another large bowl of shaving foam out and told them they could use it as soap to wash their toys. They’ve never been keen on using shaving foam as a messy play material, so I thought that using it with water in this way would encourage them to play with it, knowing they could wash it off with more water at any time.

They spent all afternoon playing with the water; washing toys and rinsing them with their watering cans, making whirlpools, visiting the deep blue sea and lots of other things as well. They had a great time, were occupied for ages and were thoroughly soaked by dinner time!Water playWe’ve had a great couple of days in the garden and it looks like the sun is going to stick around for another day or so, so I imagine we’ll be out there again over the next few days.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Spring Cleaning the Playhouse

So today we finally got round to cleaning the playhouse. I don’t think I need to write much else.. here are the photos!Cleaning the Playhouse 1

Cleaning the Playhouse 2Don’t forget the inside!

Cleaning the Playhouse 3They really did do a good job!

A job well done

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Clean Messy Play in the Garden

Today we have been in the garden again.  

The kids can’t get enough of being outdoors at the moment. Its not like we never went out in the cold months, because we did. But I have to admit the sun does make it more likely!

My kids are definitely outdoors kids. The more they can play outside the better. They love running. They love digging. They love bugs (we found some huge worms today!). But I think most of all they love water and we have done a lot of water play since the warm weather has arrived. 

So today we started the day with … water play!

I got some large bowls from a local shop recently and I used these this morning. I filled them about a third full and left a selection of bottles, beakers, scoops and funnels nearby. The kids also found some paintbrushes and sieves that they wanted to use. They spent a long time pouring and scooping water from one vessel to another, especially Ben. Ben loves pouring and will sit and do this for ages! Jasmine and Thomas did some water drawing on the patio using the paintbrushes, and Jasmine “cleaned” some plant pots!

After a while Thomas asked if he could make a boat so I suggested plasticine, and he spent a long time making floating and sinking plasticine boats.Water Bowl PlayAfter lunch I had set up the Tuff Spot with “messy pudding.” I got the idea from Caterpillar Tales, but instead of doing Angel Delight I thought I’d put in all the ingredients of trifle!

I used jelly, custard, dream topping, rainbow sprinkles, frozen raspberries and I also added some Rainbow Drops (sugar coated puffed rice sweets) for added texture. I did also buy a sponge cake to slice up and put in, but then forgot about it so it is still in the cupboard.. oops!

I told the kids that “messy pudding” was in the garden. I was very careful not to say the word “trifle” because I wanted to see what they did with the ingredients. Well, the first thing Thomas said was “ooo, trifle”.. typical!

They all enjoyed eating the food and mixing different ingredients together. They made Raspberry Pie, Custard Sprinkes and Jelly Sprinkles. Jasmine ate a little of each ingredient separately but then started mixing things together and feeding the boys! Ben ate a lot of jelly and raspberries, but not much of anything else. Thomas made several versions of trifle with a bit of everything in!  

I was quite surprised by how clean they all were with the food though. Once they had eaten enough they didn’t want to do anything else with it. I suggested that they could tip the food onto the Tuff Spot, or make pictures with the Rainbow Drops but they didn’t want to. They seemed to enjoy eating pudding that way though so I think we will try it again.

Tuff Spot TrifleAfter we’d cleared the food away I put some more water in the large bowls and some in the Tuff Spot and the kids spent a bit of time playing with water again and riding their bikes while I did some more planting and Gordon did some more work on the pond and started building a “mud kitchen”  for the kids.Pond and Mud KitchenI have been thinking about making an area in the garden where the kids can dig and make mud pies, and have even bought a few things for this recently in the hope that I can actually make it happen. Then out of the blue today Jasmine started talking about wanting to mix mud and water, and Gordon remembered he had some suitable wood in the garage. So our mud kitchen was born! We are going to add a trellis along the back and side for hanging pans and utensils on, but hopefully it should be finished by the end of the week. I think the kids will love it! 





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A Butterfly, Messy Play and Rainbows

We had a lovely surprise waiting for us when we came downstairs this morning. One of our butterflies had emerged! It was already flying around as well, so had obviously come out very early in the morning.

We then had an even bigger surprise when we saw its wings. It wasn’t any of the butterflies we were expecting it to be!

We were expecting to see either a Small or Large White butterfly, as these are what we had a lot of last year after growing broccoli in the garden. However the one that emerged this morning was a Speckled Wood butterfly.

We still have 5 more chrysalises to open, 2 of which we now think are Speckled Wood Butterflies. One seems to be changing colour this evening so hopefully tomorrow we’ll have another new butterfly to release!

After releasing the butterfly, the kids spent the rest of the morning playing in the garden (again!) and then after lunch we went to our Home Education Group, which was at Caterpillar Tales house again this week.

For the group, they had set up 2 Tuff Spots for messy play; one had Strawberry Angel Delight in and the other had water and cornflour. There was also the water table out for play. You can read their blog post about the afternoon here

The kids spent the whole afternoon playing, moving from one messy activity to the next! They did a lot of mixing, pouring, making puddings and cakes, and had a great water fight at the end of the afternoon! They all ended up soaked, and they loved it!

Finally, today was a special day for Jasmine. Today she started at Rainbows!

She loved it and can’t wait to go back next week. Well she actually wants to go back tomorrow, but she will have to wait until next week!

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Oats, Water and Water Beads.

This morning was another morning of reading Star Wars books for Thomas followed by watching our newest DVD – Lego Star Wars The Empire Strikes Out. I have to admit, its a good DVD!

Jasmine was busy writing. She added more items to her Christmas list. I probably shouldn’t encourage her to keep thinking about more and more things she wants for Christmas , but it does get her writing and I like that!


This afternoon we went to visit our friends, Caterpillar Tales, again. In preparation for an afternoon of messy play they had set up their Tuff Spot with oats, Shreddies and farm animals. My kids loved it (both playing with it and eating it!) It started off indoors, but as it was so lovely outside (and my boys were getting quite, um, enthusiastic shall we say!), we moved outdoors.

Of course, as soon as we moved outdoors the boys lost interest in the farm play. But they found water to play with instead!

After another lovely afternoon playing outdoors, we came home and had a quick play with some water beads before dinner.

The water beads only arrived with us this morning and I had only prepared one small bag as a test, but we’ve never used them before so the kids were all enthralled with them. We had been looking at them throughout the day and watching them grow and grow from tiny little beads to marble sized balls.

I gave the kids a small bowl each, and the first thing Thomas said was that they looked like molecules! He demonstrated molecules in a solid, by filling the bowl so full that the water beads couldn’t move, then he took some out so the remaining beads could move a little and told me he’d made it a liquid! Honestly, my kids never fail to amaze me!

They got some Octonauts toys out and played with them in their bowls for a bit, they asked for containers so they could pour the beads and Thomas spent a lot of time counting his. Whilst they were playing I spent a bit of time on google looking for other ideas on water bead play and found this post, which includes an excellent fine motor practice game using water beads and a duplo base board.  I showed the kids and they were keen to have a go themselves. Thomas lined all his beads up, Ben scattered his around and Jasmine drew a picture with hers!

I know we are going to have fun with our water beads and I have lots of ideas of things we can do with them. Tomorrow however I am hoping to use an idea that Jasmine had and make a beach scene using some of the moon sand we have left and some water beads as the sea. I’m fairly certain I’ll have to set this scene up twice though; one scene for Jasmine to play with and one for the boys. Its a good job I have plenty of large trays!

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