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A Day in the Garden

We woke this morning to glorious sunshine outside and it has stayed with us all day.

I took Ben to Toddler Group this morning while Thomas and Jasmine stayed at home with daddy. They went out into the garden almost immediately after breakfast and Ben joined them as soon as we got home.

They spent a long time playing in the sand pit so Gordon and I took the opportunity to tidy the garden a bit and get some of our vegetable plugs planted out. We are scaling down our veg growing this year and have decided on peas, green beans, tomatoes, shallots and courgettes to go alongside our very well established potatoes, strawberries and rhubarb. (I have just re-read that list to myself and am now wondering why I thought I was scaling down!)

As we were all having a break with an ice lolly mid afternoon we saw a Blue Tit in the apple tree. Jasmine said it would be nice to have a bird house in the garden. We spent the next couple of hours making a nesting box!

Gordon got a piece of timber out of the garage and cut 2 sides, the bottom, a front and a back. He then nailed it all together and measured and cut the top of the box. Before screwing the top on he drilled a 25mm hole in the front (just the right size for Blue Tits). He has fixed the top on with hinges so we have access for cleaning if required.

I think the finished nesting box looks fantastic and can’t wait to put it up! We won’t get anything in it this year as it is too late in the season now, but fingers crossed for next year!

In between helping with the sawing and hammering, the kids kept themselves occupied with offcuts of wood and some tiles we have in the garden.

It has been lovely to be able to spend the whole day outdoors today and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Long may this wonderful weather last .. please????!!

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